ZebPay Boosts Cryptocurrency by Adding 10 More to their list even after RBI Ban


India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange ZebPay has just added 10 New Cryptocurrency even after RBI Crypto Ban.

Zebpay now supports up to 19 Cryptocurrencies and 35 pairs in trading while preparing for ban from banking services after the RBI cryptocurrency ban.

The exchange started its crypto trading business at the end of April with just a pair of ETH/BTC.

In the early May Zebpay added more pairs as BCH, XRP, LTC, OMG, and TRX.

On the June 29, Zebpay added new crypto markets that deals with REP, NCASH, BAT, ZIL, ZRX, GNT, KNC, VNC, CMT AND also AE.

The Zebpay releases the statement announcing the launch of 10 new crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. the bitcoin wallet invited traders to trade with 10 new tokens, supported by Zebpay, with BTC.

Zebapay stated “Now, trade 19 cryptocurrencies and 35+ trading pairs on Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange. Here’s a list of new supported trading pairs.

  • AE-BTC”

You can read more info related to Zebpay blog here.

 Working on RBI Crypto Currency Ban

The Reserve Bank of India issued circular that instructs banking and financial institutions to stop trading for all Cryptocurrency companies by July 5, 2018

After the Circular got issued the main cryptocurrency participants challenged RBI by filing a petition in Supreme Court. The Court provided the date for hearing on July 20, 2018, but after certain circumstances, the main hearing was shifted to July 3, 2018, two days before Crypto ban.

Zebpay Started informing its customers about the ban:

Zebpay informed its customers on their IOS and Android app about the ban and told them to withdraw their money from Crypto trading platform because of banking withdrawals and fiat deposits will stop working after July 5 due to RBI Cryptocurrency Ban.

What do you think about the RBI Cryptocurrency Ban?

Is RBI right with this Ban and how will Zebpay and other Crypto trading platforms perform in the future?

Give your comments in the comment section below.


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