Singer: Zari the Boss Lady Net Worth, Education, Age, Family, Personal Life

As a young girl, Zarinah “Zari” Hassan dreamed of having a very successful life. Since then, she has always worked very hard to achieve her goal. She has been known as “The Boss Lady” for more than a decade now, thanks to Netflix’s first-ever African show, “Young, Famous, and African.” So now that we know a lot more about her personal life, let’s look into her background and career history to figure out how much she is worth.

How Zari Hassan Earned the Money?

Zari Hassan became interested in music, dance, and drama at a very young age because she was drawn to a life of fame and notoriety. This made her want to get better at all of these things. When she finished high school, she decided to go to the UK to study cosmetology and then work in human resources in South Africa. Despite that, she kept up her karaoke performances at local bars and clubs. When she was a young woman, she met and married socialite and entrepreneur Ivan Semwanga there. After that, she had a family and started a professional singing career, too.

Zari the Boss Lady Net Worth

She Has a Lot of Money

Zari Hassan is a well-known musician, reality TV star, social media influencer, businesswoman, philanthropist, and host. She also has five children (three from Ivan and two from Diamond Platnumz). A look at her life shows that she likes to go on long trips and spend a lot of money on things. She also has an impressive car collection with a Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, and a Bentley, as well as likely more. Zari Hassan has a net worth of $8.8 million right now, which makes her one of the wealthiest women in South Africa.

Hassan, who is also known as “The Boss Lady,” likes to live life the way royalty does. Her lifestyle is proof of this. When Ivan Semwanga died, he left money to his wife which is one of the main sources of her luxurious life and financial security. His will said that he wanted to leave money to a real estate company. In South Africa, it is said that the real estate company is one of the largest and most successful businesses. He also owns a 5-star hotel in Kampala, Uganda, and several schools in Brooklyn. Her net worth has risen to $8.8 million as of 2022, which is a lot of money.

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Zari is also the CEO of several schools in and around Brooklyn and South Africa. She has a lot of high-end cars, including a Black Mercedes Benz E250, an Audi Q, a Range Rover Evoque, and a Bentley.


Zari Hassan is a person.
She went to Jinja girl’s high school, then moved to Kampala, where she sang karaoke in bars and clubs. Zari started singing at a very young age. During her primary school years, she sang in musicals put on by her teachers, at the end of the school year, and in other community competitions.

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It helped her win the best actress for two years in a row at Jinja girl’s high school because she joined the dance, drama, and music groups, which helped her get good grades. After years of performing on stage and at school concerts, she took a break when she moved to London to focus on her studies for two years. She earned a diploma in cosmetology while she was there.

Zari the Boss Lady Net Worth

For her first single, “foliage” (you’re mine), Zari did it in 2007. Nominations for the Africa Channel O Awards were made for the single in the category of Best East African video of the year in South Africa, Johannesburg, and the winner was chosen in Johannesburg. In 2009, Zari won the Diva Awards, the Award of the Year in the Diaspora category, for her work in the arts. People in South Africa call her the Boss Lady because she runs a college and cosmetics shop while also being a musician.

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Zari Hassan’s Age or Birth Date

39 years old in 2020. This is how she came to be: She was born on September 23, 1980, at the Jinja Hospital in Uganda. Zari Hassan is taller than the other people.
People won’t believe that the “Boss lady,” as she calls herself, had five kids. As long as her height isn’t too much different from most models, you could mistake her for one. Her hair is black and her eyes are dark brown. It’s not yet clear how tall and how heavy she is, but they will be soon.


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People in Zari Hassan’s Family: Parents

To Nasur and Halima Hassan, Zarinah was born. She was born in Uganda to them. Unfortunately, her mother died of heart failure in July 2017 while she was getting treatment at Nakasero Hospital in Uganda. She was there for treatment. Zulema Hassan, Asha Hassan, Zara Hassan, and Abdul Karim Hassan are her four siblings. She was raised with them. The Boss lady has a mixed background. Her maternal grandfather is Indian, her maternal grandmother is Ugandan, and her paternal grandmother is from Burundi.

Zari’s Husband

It’s Zari’s Husband that has a name like Zari.
The Boss Lady is now married to Mr M, whom she first told his fans about. In a speech, she said that she was getting married on Nelson Mandela Day. It was only for people who had been invited to come.

Zari the Boss Lady Net Worth

Zari Hassan Children

Her sons are called Zari Hassan Children

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During her first marriage to Ivan Ssemwanga, she had three boys: Diddy, Quincey, and Pinto; they were all born in Uganda. Zari also took care of Ivan’s three other kids from his first wife. It was after getting together with Diamond, who is nine years younger, that they had two children together. When Latifah Dangote was born on August 6th, 2015, she was the first one. Prince Nillan was born on December 6th, 2016.


Her ex-husband is said to have earned Ush700 million a month from his businesses. If she gets 50% of that money, Zari would get Ush350 million a month. Ivan has a net worth of USD8.8 million, half of which goes to the boss lady. based on his will, she has a net worth of $US4.4 million.

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