Xiaomi launched MI Pocket Speaker in India


Xiaomi has just launched another Bluetooth speaker in India. Let’s see what’s so special about this Pocket Speaker?

Mi Pocket Speaker 2

Xiaomi has just launched a small Bluetooth speaker in India by the name of Mi Pocket Speaker 2 on the event of World Music Day. Xiaomi has priced this speaker for ₹1,499. This Pocket Speaker is exclusive to Mi.com.

Sale of Mi Pocket Speaker 2

The sale of this speaker has started onwards 21 June at 12 pm. The Speaker is available in two colors White and Black.

Specifications of Mi Pocket Speaker 2

Under the Spec sheet of MI Pocket Speaker 2, It has Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth range is 10 meters. A 1,200 mAh powers the Bluetooth Speaker. It promises continues 7 hours of playback. Users can also make phone calls through Mi Pocket Speaker 2.

Quality of Materials Used

Under the quality of material used Xiaomi has gone with Polycarbonate plus ABS material and Metal for outer body of the Pocket Speaker. The lower surface is made of Polycarbonate plastics while the upper surface is made up of anodized aluminum alloy.


The Mi Pocket Speaker is by no means a smart Speaker that competes with Google Home or Amazon Echo but it is really easy to use.

The output of the Pocket Speaker is 5 Watts which is adequate for a small room.


What do you think about Mi Pocket Speaker 2?

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