World Radio Day 2019: Recognize the Power of Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace

World Radio Day
World Radio Day

The annual World Radio Day is seen on February 13. It was declared on November 3, 2011, by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) 36th General Conference. The 2019 subject is ‘Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace’.

Its targets are to raise more prominent mindfulness among people in general and the media of the significance of radio; to urge chiefs to build up and give access to data through radio; just as to improve systems administration and universal collaboration among telecasters.

As per UN Secretary-General António Guterres, even in this day and age of computerized correspondences, radio contacts a bigger number of individuals than some other media stage.

Radio is an incredible asset. Furthermore, it is an individual, intelligent stage where individuals can air their perspectives, concerns, and complaints. Radio can make a network.

For the United Nations, particularly our peacekeeping activities, radio is an essential method for advising, rejoining and enabling individuals influenced by war.

On this World Radio Day, let us perceive the intensity of radio to advance exchange, resistance, and harmony,” he says.

World Radio Day: Theme Of The Year

The celebration of World Radio Day has always been about how radio as a medium transmits debates and discussion of diverse persona.

Jorge Álvarez, President of the Spanish Radio Academy, spotlighted this thought (in any event its embodiment) in his message on World Radio Day in 2015. This was a very long time after the foundation recommended building up a yearly occasion to commend the intensity of radio as a medium to UNESCO.

World Radio Day
World Radio Day

UNESCO saw the requirement for worldwide recognition and went along, making the announcement at the 36th General Conference. It pronounced February 13 – that day the United Nations had set up the United Nations Radio in 1946 – as the World Radio Day. Eight years on, the current year’s release is about how radio as a medium prodded discussions, dialogs, and different perspectives.

The official topic this year is “Radio: Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace“. Like each year, UNESCO will administer the festivals, and advance positive discourse through subject explicit programming by radio stations, administrative bodies and related associations.

“Communicates that give a stage to exchange and vote based discussion over issues, for example, relocation or viciousness against ladies, can bring issues to light among audience members and move to understand for new points of view in preparing for positive activity,” the organization shared on its site.

World Radio Day – Themes Over the Years

Festivities formally started in 2012. While was no characterized subject for the initial two years, from 2014, UNESCO has had a particular topic consistently.

World Radio Day
World Radio Day

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio – 2014

Under this subject, a few sub-topics were investigated for the third World Radio Day in 2014. These included sharpening elements to create sexual orientation related arrangements and methodologies for radio, dispensing with generalizations and advancing multidimensional depiction in radio, advancing the security of ladies columnists and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Youth and Radio – 2015

In 2015, festivals were around the subject of interest of youngsters in radio. The thought was to feature the commitment of youth to the medium and increment mindfulness with respect to the security of youthful specialists.

Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster – 2016

When all comes up short, radio remains. The social effect of the medium, particularly in the midst of a crisis or any sort of calamity is unmatched. Also, this was at the core of the occasions that denoted 2016’s World Radio Day.

Radio is You – 2017

Pretty simple, 2017’s topic adopted a group of people driven strategy. It supported radio stations the world over to work in the most ideal way. For radio stations, little or enormous, private or open, it implied guaranteeing proceeded with an exchange with the business and overall population.

Radio and Sports – 2018

Last year, World Radio Day was focused on a large number of wearing occasions occurring far and wide. As a major aspect of the celebration, radio stations were encouraged to feature the decent variety and sexual orientation balance in games inclusion while advancing harmony and advancement – values that harmonize with UNESCO’s long haul goals.

As we venture into one more year of festivities and acknowledgment, the radio keeps on spanning holes, cultivate positive discourse and counter the intrigue for savagery and spread of contention – components involving the topic of the current year’s World Radio Day.


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