Which of These Best Describes Income Tax? | Meaning | Various Forms |

Wage-earners who make more money pay a higher percentage of tax than those who make less. Taxes in the United States
A progressive income tax system is the norm in most nations, where higher-earners pay a greater tax rate than their lower-earner counterparts.
In 1862, the United States enacted the nation’s first income tax to raise money for the Civil War. The tax was repealed following World War I but was again restored in the early 1900s. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the United States‘ tax collection agency and tax enforcement agency. The IRS employs a complicated collection of rules and regulations about taxable and reportable income, deductions, and credits, among other things. Income from wages, salaries, commissions, investments and business earnings are all taxed by the agency. 6

Social Security, national security, education, and infrastructure projects can all benefit from the personal income tax revenue that the government receives.

What Is the Meaning of Taxation?

An income tax is a levy that governments collect from firms and individuals that operate inside their borders. To estimate their yearly tax liabilities, taxpayers are required by law to file an income tax return.

which of these best describes income tax?
Governments rely on income taxes to raise money. Public services, government obligations, and consumer products are all funded through taxes

Various Forms of Taxation

Income Tax for Individuals

Income tax on individuals is sometimes known as personal income tax. Wages, salaries, and other sources of remuneration are subject to this sort of tax. This is typically a state-imposed tax. Taxes aren’t paid by everyone because of exemptions, deductions, and credits.

Taxpayers can decrease their taxable income by taking advantage of several tax deductions and credits provided by the IRS. However, a tax credit decreases your taxable income and the tax rate at which you pay your tax by giving you a bigger return on the amount you withhold. 8

There are tax deductions available from the IRS for healthcare, investments, and some educational expenses, among others. So, for example, the taxpayer’s taxable income drops to $80000 if they earn $100,000 and are eligible for $2000 in deductions. 8

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Tax credits are available to lower a taxpayer’s taxable income. People in middle- and low-income households are the primary target audience for these products. A person’s tax liability drops to $15,500 ($20,000 – $4,500 = $15,500) if they owe $20,000 in taxes but are eligible for $4,500 in tax credits. 8

Income Taxes for Businesses

Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, and small enterprises all have to pay income taxes on their profits.
9 Corporate revenue and expenditures are reported and deducted by one of three parties: the corporation, its owners, or its shareholders.

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A business’s taxable business income is generally the difference between its business income and its operating and capital expenses; this is known as its net profit. 1011

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Personal income taxes are also levied by most states in the United States. However, inhabitants of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming are exempt from paying state or local income taxes. On January 1, 2021, the state of Tennessee abolished its Hall tax, which taxed profits and interest. 12

In addition, New Hampshire does not impose a state income tax. Residents, on the other hand, must pay a 5% tax on dividends and interest. 13 As of Jan. 1, 2024, the state’s 5 per cent tax on interest and dividends will be abolished. 14 By 2024, there will be nine states that do not levy an income tax.

Even if a state does not impose income taxes, it may not necessarily be less expensive to reside there. As a result, states often employ other levies or reduced services to make up for the revenue they’ve lost. In addition, health care, cost of living, and employment prospects all play a role in determining how affordable a state’s residents’ quality of life is. Florida citizens pay 6% sales tax on goods and services, whereas Tennessee residents pay 7%. 1516

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Extra Care Is Necessary

Workers can get their wages in the form of net income (NI) or gross income (GI) (or gross pay). Taxes, benefits, and other voluntary contributions are all subtracted from a person’s gross income to arrive at net income. Payroll tax is paid on behalf of a worker if taxes are withheld from a paycheck. Gross income is the sum of all a worker’s earnings, and it is his or her responsibility to reimburse the government for any taxes that are due.

which of these best describes income tax?

For tax purposes, the amount your employer withholds is based on your income level and the information you provided on Form W-4. A person’s taxable income includes whatever money they get, including wages, salaries, monetary gifts from their employer.

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other sources of business revenue, tips and winnings from gaming or other sources, bonuses, or even unemployment benefits.


Consumer prices rose by 35 per cent between 1948 and 1966. As a countercyclical policy, proposals have been made to increase or decrease the number of personal exemptions to enhance or decrease tax revenues. It appears that such modifications are less popular than changes to the top few tax bracket rates and other tax rates because of concerns that they are less easily reversible and more disruptive to taxpayers’ comprehension.

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As a result of these two considerations, it has been difficult to enhance the levels of current exemptions, even though their purchasing power has dramatically decreased. It would cost the government money to raise taxes because every taxpayer’s taxable income would be reduced by the increase. An increase of only $100 for each exemption would have lowered tax revenues by nearly $3 billion at the average effective tax rate on all taxable income in 1964—20.6 per cent.

which of these best describes income tax?

Only a small percentage of the benefit would flow to those in the lowest tax brackets, where a rise in the exemption levels is most required. While only 22.9% of the total number of exemptions taxed in 1965 were claimed by taxpayers with adjusted gross income under $5,000, individuals earning over $9,000 claimed 35% of the total exemptions. For larger earnings, the absolute tax-reducing effect of a uniform rise in the amount of each exemption would be greater than for smaller incomes.

If the statutory allowance were increased by $100, a taxpayer whose last $1,000 of taxable income had been subject to a 50% bracket tax rate would have his tax reduced by $50 for each of his exemptions, while one whose marginal rate had been 16% would have his tax reduced by only $16 for each of his exemptions.

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