What should be done to resolve Brain Drain?

brain drain


Brain Drain is a phenomenon in which any country’s talented and bright students or individuals move to the developed country for better opportunity. India is known for this drastically shift. The craze amongst the youth toward a western word is well known. This demographic shift is not only a problem for India but also for the place where they are going to shift.

India is spending a lot of money in higher education so that potential future of the country will help India to grow at most. But lacking in better opportunity in country compels individual to migrate another country.

And those countries where they migrate, suffer most because of the lacking job opportunity. This makes them compromise with a low salary.

science congress
science congress

We can’t blame on the individuals completely. It is high time to rethink over government policy. On 106th Indian Science Congress in Jalandhar, Nobel laureate Haldane showed up with the possibility of a solution of Brain Drain in India.

Duncan Haldane is American physicist, who won Nobel prize on electric properties of materials which may pave the way to quantum computers. According to him, India can reverse this brain drain phenomenon just like China. China invested too much amount to experiment in science over many years.

Duncan Haldane
Duncan Haldane

He also said that India should maintain a steady fund for scientists so that they can deal with this Brain Drain is a phenomenon.

India is not the only one, every developing country is facing the same problem, but among them, India has the potential to take hard decisions.

Duncan Haldane added India should play a vital role in technological development to win the future development race and India should encourage its top institutes as well as state universities funding.

This idea is a silver lining to solve brain drain issues if it is seriously implemented.


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