What is Sandhill Investment Management? Explained!

What is Sandhill Investment Management Company?

Sandal Investment Company is a financial advisory company that is based in the city of Buffalo, which is in the state of New York in the United States of America. It is a boutique investment company that manages and oversees millions of dollars in assets.

It has a diversified portfolio under its mandate and provides quality service to its customers.

The company provides private clients and institutional institutions with access to all the different kinds of proprietary investment portfolios that it has.

Advisors can also write effective creative balance portfolios for their clients.

What is the background of the company?

The famous person, Johnston, founded the company Sandhill Investment Management in the year 2002. It should be known that he is the biggest shareholder in the company. The other 10 people in the company have minuscule stakes.

When we talk about the Sandhill team, it includes a total of nine employees at a higher level.


It has two certified CTS, which stands for Certified Public Accountants. Also has 2CF, which is a chartered financial analyst.

Has 2CFP, which stands for “certified financial planner.” One AISE, which stands for Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst. It has 1 CSC, which is a chartered financial consultant, and lastly, he has one certified private wealth advisor, which is CPWE.

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Who are its competitors?

Many different companies are competitors of Sandhill Investment Management Company.

Such competitors are New York investment banks and investment banks from the Asia-Pacific region. Great Lakes investment banks and many more.

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What are the commitments of the company?

The company has a very deeper connection with the clients and sees clients first. Its approach is that client needs should be fulfilled appropriately. It is at the forefront of the financial world and wants the client to be satisfied in all the ways that the company can do so.

It is seen that since the inception of the company in the year 2004, it has had a high passion for research and is working with the strength to provide a high level of portfolio investments to its investors.


The company is in the mood to understand what the customer wants and then, in return, provide the same. Customer satisfaction the company is the utmost goal of the company.

The money that it gets from the customers and investors is taken with due consideration and respected also. The money respected brings more prosperity to the investors.

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What are the products of the company?

There are many different kinds of products that the company offers. But it also has one basic conditionality with it. The condition is that the company will only accept investments that are above $250,000 USDUSD 250,000.

US $250,000 is the basic minimum token size that one needs to bring into the company so that the company takes the investors’ money to invest in the economy.

The first kind of product the company makes for us is called “concentrated equity alpha.” This is a flagship multi-capital growth product that consists of around 30 to 35 quality franchise companies. This is a product with a long-term investment horizon.

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It has a diversified mixture of multifarious high-quality performing companies, and this concentrated equity alpha provides solid risk-adjusted returns on a long-term basis with the mindset of growing investors’ money multifold.

The second kind of product that the company makes is called “large capital yield.” This is a dividend-based product that consists of around 33 to 37 large capital stocks that have strong management and steady earnings growth.


Long-term capital yield is intended to attract long-term capital and provide investors with meaningful returns.

The third kind of product with which the company deals is in the field of corporate bonds. The goal of the company is to achieve capital preservation through income. This deals with the short-term and long-term investing appetite.

Corporate bonds utilize diversification so that multifarious returns can be taken out in a short period for the investors.

It also has a product which is called “balanced,” which gives investors a chance to make a mixture of different products under one banner of “balanced.”

This is a product mix.

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How can you contact Sandhill investment management company?

The phone number for the company is (716) 852-0279.

The fax number for the companies is (716) 852-1905.

The email ID of the company is YourTeam@sandhill-im.com.

Investors can also directly meet the team by visiting the office, which is situated at the address of 40 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1300, Buffalo, New York, 14202.


This is all that I know about the company and its profile. To learn more about such related ideas, follow our website on a regular and frequent basis.

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