Uttarayan: Flying High – Spirits, Food and Celebration!

Uttarayan 2019
Uttarayan 2019

Rooftops have already been washed clean, a bundle of kites of different colors, different shapes and sizes have been purchased, extension cords have been pulled from the corner of the house, playlist read and speakers have tested for performance.

Shopping for hats, glares and summer casuals are done. People are seen excited for Uttarayan and city is inexplicably soaked in celebrations and joys.

People generally make plans to visit their friends or loved ones to celebrate Uttarayan; there are also some who invariably celebrate the festival in the pols of the city.

“My cousins have come from Rajkot specially to enjoy Uttarayan in Ahmedabad. We went to the riverfront to witness the Kite festival and will be celebrating Uttarayan in a pol for some part of the day and the rest of the day at home”, said Bhargav K, a software engineer.

Since Uttarayan also falls during the harvest season, undhiyu with puri and other delicacies is an important part of the menu across the homes in the city. Sing Paak, til chikki, and mamra laddoos along with fresh fruits such as guava, sugarcane, and Indian plum (ber) are also relished by everyone.

Responsible Corporate wishing you all a very happy and high-spirited Uttarayan!


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