UP initiating to become the First State to fully adopt the Block chain technology for data security

UP the First State to fully adopt the Blockchain technology for data security
UP the First State to fully adopt the Blockchain technology for data security

Since many states are running the race for the next generation technology and UP government, on the other hand, has swept the limelight and is likely to become the first State to fully adopt the blockchain technology for Data security.

Yogi Adityanath has again proven to be the smartest Chief Minister against all by introducing Blockchain Technology in its revenue department to store and protect the land-related data in coming next few months. In reality, many states are not comfortable in accepting the new technology but UP government has something different in their mind.

The major reason why the government is pushing for blockchain

According to the data, in the Land and Revenue Department around 67 percent of total 22 crore people in Up who lives in rural areas are very much dependent on the land to earn the living and this may have become the reason that the government is pushing to adopt the blockchain technology for the data security as that will be safe under it. The department used to process the data of the land-related document every day through the manual process which is not secure and is unprotected for manipulation and modification and with blockchain technology the chances of the fraud will going to minimise and also help in curbing the corruption.

So far, only four states are – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were focusing on the working towards blockchain as an open and a distributed ledger which record transaction between the parties efficiently.

Why to adobt the Blockchain?

The blockchain is an anonymous online ledger that uses the data structure to simplify the way the transaction held. It also allows the users to manipulate the ledger in a much secure way without taking any help of the third party. It will allow the department to view and make some changes in real time completely in a secure environment.

If the blockchain is applied to the government department for use then the technology will bring more efficiency in the system.

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