‘Umpathaw’, 750th Village to Get Access to Clean Water Under HDFC Bank’s CSR Initiative.

HDFC CSR initiative activity

HDFC CSR initiative activity

Under its flagship CSR initiative ‘Holistic Rural Development Programme’ (HRDP), HDFC bank has touched 750th village – ‘Umpathaw’, a tiny hamlet in Meghalaya. The initiative aims to improve the lives of people in 1,000 villages by March 2019 through its CSR activities.

It will improve access to potable water and provide the facility of a smart school to the children of this village.

Paresh Sukthankar, Deputy Managing Director of HDFC Bank said on the launch event, “Microcosm of our attempts to change rural communities. If India has to achieve inclusive growth, our rural areas have to grow in tandem with cities. Our interventions are aimed at creating sustainable improvements in rural areas.”

The bank has built 6 water tanks and a network of pipelines at the cost of Rs 31 Lacs with its NGO partner SACH so that water could be sourced from mountains and then could be supplied to the doorsteps of 106 households in the village.

The village head Sarkin told, “This is the first time since independence that water has reached all households. Earlier, villagers would have to go at least 500 meters to get water from a spring water source.”

Nusrat Pathan, Head (CSR) at HDFC Bank said, “The 550 inhabitants of Umpathaw now have access to potable water and a smart school with clean toilets”. “The bank’s initiatives have brought changes in the lives of over 10 lakh people in 750 villages across 16 states in the country”, she further added.

HRDP is a flagship CSR initiative of ‘Parivartan’, HDFC Bank’s umbrella brand for all its social development programmes. It seeks to improve village life by focusing on improvement in 5 key areas of education, skills training, natural resource management, water & sanitation and Financial literacy & inclusion.

Under HRDP, the bank has partnered with the community and the local administration to plan and initiate activities that aim at soil-water conservation, improvement of surface & ground water availability, organic farming practices, and renewable energy. The bank also carries out an assessment of the village to understand the development needs so that long-term sustainable solution such as check dams, pond deepening, bunding, etc. could be implemented leading to improvement in agriculture.

“Our NGO partners play an instrumental role in planning and executing projects. We work also closely with local communities, who participate in the projects through ‘Shramda’, to make the initiative sustainable,” said Nusrat Pathan.

Paresh Sukhantar said that HDFC Bank was confident of achieving the targeted CSR spend of Rs 365 crore this fiscal. It was increased by 47% in the past two years and has gone up from Rs 248 crore in FY16 to Rs 305 crore in FY17.


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