Triple Talaq Bill Encounters Rajya Sabha Test Today: 10 Major Points

Triple Talaq Bill Encounters Rajya Sabha Test Today: 10 Major Points
Triple Talaq Bill Encounters Rajya Sabha Test Today: 10 Major Points

The modified bill to make moment Triple Talaq – the act of Muslim men to right away separation their spouses by articulating “Talaq” thrice – a culpable offense is in Rajya Sabha for discussion and passing.

The bill, gone by the Lok Sabha, faces the genuine test in the upper place of parliament where the administration comes up short on the numbers. Fighting that the bill focuses on the Muslim people group, the resistance needs it go to a joint parliamentary council for further investigation.

The Congress said it won’t enable the bill to be passed in its present shape, and has made it compulsory for its administrators to go to the present session.

Real Issue: Top 10 Points

  1. The Trinamool Congress has moved a movement for reference of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2018 to a Select Committee of Rajya Sabha.
  2. The resistance is against the bill’s arrangement for a three-year-imprison term for the spouse, contending that a criminal point can’t be presented in a common issue, particularly when there is no discipline for renunciation in some other religion. They additionally state there is no clearness on who might give upkeep to the spouse once the husband is in prison and contend that such hardline strategies can’t unite a family.
  3. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017 was overhauled after it got slowed down by the Rajya Sabha, yet the legislature has not fused the progressions requested by the restriction, particularly on the reformatory proviso.
  4. The reexamined bill makes “triple talaq” an offense with a correctional facility term of up to three years and a fine for the spouse, and makes the lady qualified for upkeep.
  5. The administration’s contention that the Supreme Court made Triple Talaq unlawful and needed parliament to pass a bill, has not persuaded the restriction, including Naveen Patnaik’s BJD and the AIADMK, which have favored the legislature before on specific issues.
  6. The Congress has contended that the Supreme Court had not requested to make Triple Talaq a culpable offense. At the point when the bill came up for going in the Lok Sabha a week ago, the AIADMK had exited alongside the Congress.
  7. Law serve Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is steering the bill, has said the issue includes the lives of thousands of ladies and ought not to be liable to legislative issues. He additionally focused on that it was not against a specific network.
  8. Mr Prasad has said the bill will discover bolster in the Rajya Sabha. Congress’ KC Venugopal said 10 restriction parties have emerged as an opponent of the bill, which the gathering keeps up, focuses on the Muslim people group.
  9. In September, the administration made moment Triple Talaq culpable through a mandate or official request. The proposed law is relied upon to supplant the mandate.
  10. In a milestone decision in August a year ago, the Supreme Court found the act of moment Triple Talaq un-Islamic and “subjective”, and differ that it was a basic piece of Islamic religious practice.

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