Top ten things to know before you join a university


Completing high school and planning to look for a university to join and build your career can be a hectic task. Starting a new journey from school to university is a whole new different experience in its own. The thought of living in a new city, pursuing a program and building you career can be time consuming, exciting and scary at the same time. So here are a few tips to help you before you join a university.

  • Get to know the university– Before you apply at an institution, research about its programs, accreditation status, tuition fee, financial aid programs, extra-curricular activities conducted, graduation rate, and other important information. You can measure the parameters and decide which university is best suited for you and where you can find your desired program. For example, if you want to apply at Grantham University, you should check the eligibility criteria, programs offered, and other important factors according to your desired career option.
  • Prepare for all the documents and requirements– Read all the important information and required documents for enrollment in the university. Prepare well for required tests such as SAT or ACT, TOEFL or IELTS (for international students), and other such exams. Think of a good topic for your essay and get the letters of recommendation ready. If you’re planning to pursue an online education, you can research about the university on thecollegemonk and other different online platforms which provides all required information about the institution.
  • Stay positive– The admission procedure can be long and tiring. You should be positive and wait patiently. No matter what the results are, you should never give up and keep trying until you succeed.
  • Get ready for challenges– You may be a bright or talented student in your class, but in the university, you’ll be among the several bright minds just like you or others. Everyone is unique, one way or another. And you’ll find these traits in many students at university. It would pave a way for you to learn a lot from others, make like-minded friends, join student organizations, go for concerts, and explore other academic or fun related activities.
  • Get out of your comfort zone– Being far away from home and your comfort zone, you’ll have to learn to adapt and get out of your comfort zone. Adjusting with outside food, doing laundry, waking up on your own and other related things would be accumulated in your schedule. Go out, have fun, try different foods, play new games, sing karaoke and explore your opportunities while you’re at the university.
  • Aim for your career– Going out for parties is a common and normal thing to do for students. However, you should not forget why you’re in the university in the first place. Work hard and achieve your goals while you can. Take up challenges and be the best in your game.
  • Always keep essentials– It may sound funny, however, keep essentials like snacks and medicines in your room. You may help your fellow students or yourself, if you’re hungry or unwell.
  • Manage your finances- It is important to manage your finances while you’re at the university. Learn to save up for rainy days and adjust your budget accordingly. Make a monthly budget calendar, if you need to.
  • Take proper rest– Get a good night’s rest and don’t over exert yourself always. Take breaks during studies, take a walk or talk to a friend, whatever suits your break schedule. Don’t ignore to take care of your physical and mental health.

Make good bonds– College friends and memories are something that’ll be with you forever. Bitter or sweet, you will learn something from them and cherish them. Make friends, talk to professors and use the time because it’ll fly away sooner than you will realize.


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