The INDUS Forum, Turning 2% CSR Law into 100% Profitable Business

INDUS forum

INDUS forum

The INDUS-Forum is a bilateral forum conceived by the embassy of the Netherlands in India and the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) aiming to initiate, promote and facilitate dialogues, debates and thought leadership on substantive aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. It breathes for the motto to make all trade and investment between India and the Netherlands’ sustainable and inclusive.

The INDUS Forum takes a step forward towards realizing its aims through its participation in the India and Sustainability Standards Conference co-hosted by CRB held on 15-17 November at the India Habitat Centre.

The Forum especially focuses on creating a real positive impact in the value chains by turning sustainability and inclusivity challenges into business opportunities. It also launched its digital portal focused on the supply-Chain aspect of the CSR/Sustainability question in which a community of India and Dutch companies & practitioners would meet ‘mutual demand’ i.e. good business practices to geared the principle of People, Planet and Profit for sustainable business.

Dutch Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga said, “I believe that no organization can respond to sustainability challenges like business can. Through the smart business connections, we forge within this INDUS forum, we aim to make sure that sustainable and inclusive decisions make clear business sense”.

“Reasons to commit to sustainable value chains, lie in the shared challenges we face worldwide”, he added.

Companies participated in the conference shed light on their best practices and discussed upcoming opportunities and challenges to procure better, safer and prosperous world.


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