Sweta Mangal MUrgency: An Emergency Healthcare Services Startup

sweta mangal
sweta mangal

MUrgency, a startup led by Sweta Mangal is connecting patients with emergency healthcare services through a mobile app.

Inspired by the idea of Uber, the popular taxi-hailing app, healthcare startup MUrgency is bridging the gap between the patients and emergency medical care with a mobile app. The service is said to be quick, reliable and effective.

Led by Sweta Mangal, MUrgency (One Global Emergency Response Network) was found in 2015 The healthcare venture was established to sophisticate the conventional emergency services for the patients. The 108 service of MUrgency was modeled on the existing 911-like service in the US. Just like Uber, the venture promises help from the nearest emergency responder (doctor, nurse, EMT, paramedic, ambulance, etc.) within a short span of time.

The best thing about MUrgency is the determination of the leaders to improve the services on daily basis. They have also been working on expanding the services to different regions in India and abroad.

When it comes to the need for emergency medical aid, the time span is the most critical factor to save the lives of the patients, according to the experts. This is where MUrgency comes handy, as it promises quick medical assistance 24×7.


The ambulance service has presented great numbers in the last few years. It has responded to nearly 25000 calls and attended to around 10000  patients, The average response time of MUrgency has been approximately 20 minutes in the top 15 cities in India.

In India, MUrgency is now available under SOS Care brand via a 24*7 helpline +91 91118 91118

However, the MUrgency team is intending to bring the response time to under 5 minutes. The team is analyzing every minute detail to achieve this objective. Led by Sweta Mangal, the venture is already a global thing. Now, the leadership is keen to expand the app for all kinds of emergencies in the future.

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