Rise of Indian Education


In the past, India has always been a pioneer in imparting education. The history of India is filled with the glorious universities like Nalanda and Taxila were considered the mecca of education. Now, the standard of education has not been the same.

With that being said, some of the elite Indian institutions like the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management), IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology) are still the focal point of the national and International scholars.

Earlier, India had a thin ratio of Graduates to employed ratio. Out of the graduates produced, only 10% were employable. But these statistics are getting better as the education is reaching to the youth through both online and offline mediums.

Revamping the System

Recently in India, the education system has undertaken a lot of transformation. An initiative was taken by the Government to change the complex and lengthy old education system and simplify it into a value-based education system which had a long lasting impact on the students.

Talking about the Graduation and Post-graduation levels, the frame work has been changed too. To maintain the quality of education in B.Tech and M.Tech, it has been made compulsory that the students have to qualify GATE and JEE exams respectively to study into respected colleges of India.

The students have been given a liberty to choose their elective subjects. This system is called as Choice-based Credit System (CBCS) and has been adopted by reputed B.Tech colleges in India.

At the school level, the syllabus was divided into the two or three different terms. This enabled the students to focus on less things and grasp the knowledge for a longer period of time. The exam pattern was inculcated with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to ease the pressure off the students’ shoulders.

Driving factors and new avenues

There are plenty of organizations in India which are working towards giving the youth of India a new direction and Getmyuni is none different. The organization is constantly working hard and has left no stone unturned guiding the masses towards their destination and beyond.

A numerous of new-age courses have been made available for the scholars which have a lot of scope now and in the future too. These areas of study are:

  • Chemical Engineering with specialization in Refining & Petrochemicals
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Avionics
  • Fire & Safety Engineering
  • Computer Science with specialization in Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Big Data and DevOps
  • Automotive Design Engineering

Present Scenario

The online medium has enabled the man to get the world at its disposal. Nowadays, the students can easily learn through online media. They can get the best study material written by the best professors.

The students can share their knowledge online with the help of many forums. In this way, the online platform has made students technically-abled to multiply their knowledge manifolds by sitting at their homes.

Currently, the system is new but it has the potential to reinforce the Indian corporates’ need for quality professionals. With the launch of “Digital India” and “Make in India” campaign, the budding tech-savvy professionals were given a boost to make the best of this opportunity.

Various multi-national giants are heading for India due to the fact that India has a large population base which poses as an asset for these companies. The companies like Amazon, Uber, IKEA have already invested in India and to manage the companies they require talented professional.


In a nutshell, the graduates will have a plethora of opportunities to grab on. The education system is getting transformed by the implementation of various different reforms. The India that we knew by the sobriquet of “The Golden Bird” will be back again and lead from the front as the biggest economy of the world.


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