Republic Day Parade: Delhi Route

happy republic day
happy republic day

Republic Day:

Republic Day parade will start on 26 January at morning 9:50 am. While all the related program will start at 9 am at India gate. Many security arrangements are done so that there would be no hindrance while Parade.

Parade will start from Vijay Chowk and end in red fort field. Parade will cover Raj path, India gate, Tilak Marg, Bahadur Shah Jafer marg, Netaji Subhash marg and Red Fort.

Delhi borders will be sealed at 25 January in the night. Security arrangements are done efficiently.

According to Alok Kumar, Delhi traffic police officer, these roads are fully curved which include kuatalya marg, KA marge, kyu point hamuman marg, Ashoka road, Baba Khadak Singh marg, SB marge, Mathura Marg, Bhagwan Das Marg, Firojshah road Golchakkar, Windser Place golchakkar, Mother cresent marg, and Sardar Patel Marg.

Only vehicles with the label are allowed to enter these routes. Even localities need to identity cards to use these routes. Along with these T point south venue and tyagraj marg, K. Kamraj Route, Golden masjid Maulana Ajad road, Maan Sing Road golchakkar, maan singh road, Akhbar road, Jaswant singh road to Ashok Road, Dr. Rajendar Prasad Road, Red Cross road, Sansad route, Imtyaaz khan road, Rakabjang road, Pandit pant route, T point Church road or north avenue Road would be closed completely.

On the date 25 pm, the route will be closed:

For Republic Day, From Patel Chowk to India Gate, Rajpath will be closed from 25 PM for vehicles. This restriction will be continue after Republic day on 26 January.

From 25 January at 11 pm, crossing traffic will be closed on Rajpath. India Gate will close on 25 or 26 till 2 am. On the 26 January, Tilak marg will be closed from 10 am. Cross traffic will depend on parade.

To consider parade timing, the vehicle can enter from the crossing of D Dinesh Nandani Dalmiya Chowk, Delhi gate, and Arashi Agrawal chowk.

You can feel the problem if you are planning to come to Delhi and center Delhi at 12.30 PM.

East and West corridor:

You can go through from these routes to New Delhi railway station.

1: Ring road, Bhairon road, Mathura Road, S. Bharti Road, South and Road, Prithvi raj road, Safdarjung road, kamal ataturk route, panchsheel route, simon buleward route and Upper riz road.

2: Ring road, Bhairon road, Mathura road, Lodi road, Arvindo route, Safdarjung road, Theen murti route, Mother Teresa crescent route, Park Street, Shankar Road, and ring road.

3: Ring road, Boulevard Marg, Barf khana chowk, Rani Jhansi road, Faiz road, and Deshbandu Gupta road, Sheela cinema road, Pu; Bangash .

How to go to the New Delhi Railway Station:

People are coming from South Delhi, they can take a route which includes Mother Teresa Crescent, Ram Manohar Lohiya Gol chakar, Baba Khadak Singh marg, Connaught place outskirt, and Chelmsford road. You can take route from Pahad gunj side and minto road side to bhavbhuti route.

North Delhi people can take the route of Jhandewala Golchakkar, take left turn form Desh Bandu Gupta road, Sheela cinema road, and now take the left turn from here you can go under the bridge of pahadganj and reach New Delhi railway station.

Delhi traffic republicday
Delhi traffic republicday

How to go old Delhi Railway Station:

We can take the route of south Delhi to Ring road, Ashram Chowk, Saray kale khan road, Yamuna Bajar, now take a left turn from here for SP Mukherjee route, Chata Rail, Kodiya pul.

From North Delhi take a route of Bulward road, Mori gate gochakkar, pul dufreen, now take a left for SP Mukherjee route.

City Buses will end here:

City Buses will end up to Krishna menon marg, Park Street, Aram bag road, kamala market gochakkar, Delhi Secretariat, Pragati maidan, Hanuman Mandir, Nigam Bhodh Ghat, Bhud Vihar, Mori Gate and ISBT.

Delhi Metro Station
Delhi Metro Station

Metro Station:

Entry and exit are restricted in Central Secretariat and Udhyog Bhawan metro station from 1 AM to 12:30 PM on 26 January. All metro station will continue.

Patel chowk and race course road metro station will continue to be closed from 8:45 AM to 12:30 PM on 26 January. On the central secretariat, people will get metro exchange facility.

Heavy and Light Vehicles:

Heavy and Light Vehicles are prohibited from Sraay Kale Khan to ISBT on 26 January from 7:30 am to 1:30 PM.

Border will be sealed:  

All border will be sealed on 25 January from 11 PM till parade ends. Vehicles will be checked to enter in outskirts of Delhi.

Alok Kumar, a traffic Police officer requested if anybody will see any dubious articles, it could be a bomb, inform the police at once. Follow the traffic rule and have patience. Drone and paragliding are prohibited to fly.

Before going out to Delhi, know about everything so that you can avoid consequences.





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