Rajasthan Election Results: Vote counting Undergoing in Sardarpura, Soorsagar, Jodhpur, Phalodi, Lohawat, Shergarh, Luni, and Pokaran

Rajasthan Election Results
Rajasthan Election Results

Counting of votes in favor of Sardarpura, Soorsagar, Jodhpur City, Phalodi, Lohawat, Shergarh, Luni and Pokaran in progress.

Congress’ Ashok Gehlot is driving from Sardarpura supporters. He crushed BJP’s Sambhu Singh Khetasar in 2013. This is an intense battle for the two applicants.

Soorsagar situate is held by BJP’s Suryakanta Vyas, she battled against Congress’ Jaiphukhan in 2013. This year, the sitting MLA will battle against Congress’ Ayub Khan.

Jodhpur is held by the decision gathering’s Kailash Bhanshali; he crushed Congress’ Suparas Bhandari in 2013. In 2018, BJP has set Atul Bhansali against Congress’ Manisha Pawar.

Phalodi seat was won by BJP’S Pabba Ram Bishnoi in 2013, who crushed Congress’ Om Joshi. This year, the sitting MLA will battle against Congress’ Mahesh Vyas.

Lohawat is held by BJP’s Gajendra Singh, who battled against INC’s Malaram in 2013. This year, BJP has set Gajendra Singh Khinwsar against Congress’ Kisanaram Vishnoi.

In Shergarh, BJP’s Babu Singh is the sitting MLA. Congress’ Ummed Singh battled against the sitting MLA in 2013. This year, BJP’s sitting MLA will battle against Ummed Singh’s significant other – Meena Kanwar.

Luni is held by BJP’s Jogaram Patel who battled against Congress’ Amridevi Bishnoi in 2013. This year, the sitting MLA will have an intense rivalry with Congress’ Mahendra Bishnoi.

Pokaran has BJP’s Shaitan Singh as the sitting MLA; Congress’ Saleh Mohammad was his rival in 2013. This time, BJP has handled Pratap Puri against Congress’ Saleh Mohammed.


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