Pushkar Fair is not Just About Camels: Hold your Horses, Mules and Cattles this time

Pushkar fair
Pushkar fair

Pushkar Fair is Back

This year after a year-long ban. So, hold your horses, this time it’s not just camels. There is more to it and for that just have a look at the article.

As it was not possible last year but this time Pushkar Fair is back with a bang all the horses are back at the most amazing world-renowned Pushkar Fair. The sale and purchase of horses have begun and this time the buyers and sellers are not only from Rajasthan but from other states as well. As last year because of the Glanders disease, there was an outbreak so this time Rajasthan Government has decided to place a ban on horses to be brought to the fair. Because of the fear of disease, it has resulted in a poor animal show this time at the fair.

Moreover, the tests were conducted on horses and the horses that resulted negative were not allowed to participate in the Fair.

For a long time, this fair has been traditionally organized for the purpose of sale, purchase and also for the display of the animals. Hundreds and thousands of owners of different breeds of horses, majorly the Marwari and Kathiawar breed, take part and also the owners of cattle, mules, camels, and many other animals.

Last Year, when the ban on horses left the people disappointed, the Director of Animal Husbandry Department Laxman Rathore said “we had no other go as the decision was taken for the human and animal safety.

The disease of Glanders outbreak occurred because in Uttar Pradesh the Mules were being used in brick kilns. Those were brought to Dholpur for some work and from there the disease spread to horses and then it followed to Udaipur and Rajsamand as well.

This time before the fair started Rathore said “The horses have been tested in advance for the Glanders Disease. Tests have been made on the horses of those owners who are looking forward to taking part in the fair. Samples which were taken of the animals and further sent to our laboratories in Jodhpur and Jaipur so they can be tested and monitored closely.

Around 1,000 horses have been found negative and thus they have been allowed to take part in the fair. However, half a dozen horses have been found positive for Glanders disease and they have been banned from taking part in the fair.

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