PS4: The most popular gaming console

PS4 game
PS4 game

Gamers are very well aware of PS4. The previous year was completely dedicated to PS4 due to the slew of games such as Spider-Man launched by Marvels and God of War. These games were at the top with the list of many critics.

Now it looks that current generation console launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to dominate the marketplace.

As per Sony Interactive Entertainment, the tech firm confirms that it has sold more than 91.6 million all across the globe.

During 2018 holiday season, PS4 has sold over 5.6 million units and it is successfully managed to push this figure beyond the 90 million marks.  More than 50.7 million games have been sold all around the world last year during holidays.


There is no doubt, that the sales of PS4 are assisted by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s decision to adjoin PS4 Slim in the project of Spider-Man under the Marvel. That makes them sell for $200 in holiday 2018.

Although PS4 has strong sales yet many gamers are focusing on the next Sony hardware generation. An analyst surmised that PS5 will have a feature of compatibility with backward.

Using this backward compatibility feature, Microsoft has promoted Xbox One but Sony was unable to counter with the PS4.


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