Paris Explosion: Severe Blast Rips Off the Blocks in the Capital City

Paris Explosion
Paris Explosion

Images of destruction displays buildings on fire and piles up rubble covering the Rue de Trevise.

Paris Explosion
Paris Explosion

After a huge explosion, emergency services in Paris have been scrambled upon the spot. As per the reports, multiple injuries have been seen and the images show buildings on fire and rubble and debris layered the whole street.

Police are showing warning alerts to people and have suggested people to avoid the area and leave the surrounding streets free for emergency vehicles. It is evident that the fire originate in a bakery on the Rue de Trevise and followed by an explosion.

Long flames are seen on the ground floor of the Boulangere Patisserie, and there appears to be damage to the upper floors of the building too.

Due to the explosion, nearby vehicles have been damaged and fluttered.

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