North Korea Summit Cancelled: Meeting would be “inappropriate at this time,” Says Trump


President Donald Trump’s cancellation letter to Kim Jong-Un, claiming “tremendous anger and open hostility” displayed in North Korea’s recent statement.

Trump’s abrupt withdrawal from the North Korea summit to be held on June 12 in Singapore, the act surprised the masses, where North Korea’s official said Kim made a lot of efforts for the summit to happen and was eager to resolve the issues with the US.

The meeting would have dialogues about denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, building historic North-South Korea Summit in April but the decision of Trump proved “an unexpected and extremely regrettable” said Pyongyang.

Trump Administration claims that they waited for responses but couldn’t get any. At the same time, Trump discovered diplomacy from North Korea’s end and decided to hang the idea for a while.

At white house, Trump dictated that he was still open to the conversation to resolve but any reckless and stupid acts of North Korea would not be entertained by the US. The letter also contained a threat that says,” You talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are massive and powerful and I hope they will never have to be used”.

In the letter, Donald Trump wrote summit would be “inappropriate at this time to have this long-planned meeting” also added “Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place”, said the letter

US President acclaimed that the world “lost the great opportunity for lasting peace” and also added that he “very much looked forward” to meeting him near future.

A lot of uncertainties between the leaders of North Korea and the US encouraged Kim Jong-un to say that he will neither beg nor persuade the US for any dialogues and also added that depending on the behavior of the US, North Korea is up for talks as well as for the nuclear showdown.




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