Nndm Stock: Forecasts, Investors and Who Owns Nndm Stock?

Additive electronics producer Nano Dimension Ltd is situated in Israel and is working in the technology sector. The company’s printed electronics 3D printing technology aims to meet the increasing need for electronic products with advanced features that rely on encapsulating sensors, antennas, and printed circuit boards. (PCBs).

Print multi-layer circuit boards at home or in the office using the PCB Jet printer equipment from the company. Research and Development (R&D), prototypes and custom manufacturing projects can all benefit from the use of this technology. There are several industries in which the company has a stake, including consumer electronics, medical devices, aerospace, automobiles, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Forecasts of Stock Prices

The consensus 12-month price target for Nano Dimension Ltd is 10.00, with a high estimate of 10.00 and a low estimate of 10.00 from the 1 analyst that provides such forecasts.

Nndm Stock

A gain of 241.30 per cent over the previous price of 2.93 is expected in the median estimate.

Can I Make Money Investing in Nndm Stock for the Long Term?

Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) has been a part of the 3D printing business since January 1, 2012, when it was founded. Dagi Ben-Noon, Amit Dror, Sharon Filma, and Simon Fried are the company’s founders, while CEO Yoav Stern now serves as the company’s president. Founded in Ness Ziona, Israel, but located in Sunrise, Florida, the corporation has dual headquarters.

Munich, Germany, and Hong Kong, China, are also home to the company’s headquarters. With their DragonFly lights-out service in the spotlight, how do NNDM’s 3D printing capabilities stack up? Going into March of 2022, NNDM’s stock options performance was better than it had been before the end of the year 2021. Taking all into consideration, is Nano Dimension still a smart stock to buy for the long term?

In This Section, You Will Find Information on the Company

An Israeli-based company called Nano Dimension started as an additive electronics manufacturer for the technology industry. To meet the rising need for high-tech equipment that can create things “on the fly,” Nano offers 3D printing solutions. Using a programmable computer interface, the PCB jet printer system is capable of putting together multi-layer products using inkjet technology. A 3D printing device allows for the creation of prototypes and custom-made products by utilising hardware, software, nano-chemistry, and print-head control.

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As of now, Nano Dimension’s focus is on a wide range of industries and applications that could benefit from 3D printing technology, including automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and more. Nano Dimension Ltd.’s CEO and Chairman of the Board is now Yoav Stern. Zivi Nedivi serves as the company’s president, while Zvi Peled serves as the company’s COO and CRO. Yael Sandler, the CFO, and Jaim Nulman, the CTO and Vice President, are both in charge of the technology department.


The COVID-19 epidemic had a devastating impact on most businesses, as was the case for many others. By the end of 2021, Nano Dimension has slipped to the bottom of the list of seven F-rated 3D printing companies. After the worst of the pandemic has passed, the competitive market is heating up, and it will take some time for it to catch up.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has overtaken COVID-19‘s issue, causing a new wave of global uncertainty and unleashing its type of energy pandemic. When it comes to alternative energy solutions, here is where investors are putting their money because of supply and demand difficulties.

As the requirement for hardware components for electric vehicle (EV) units continues to climb, this might be a make-or-break chapter for 3D printing companies like Nano Dimension. Companies that take advantage of this opportunity now that they know what quality 3D printers can reach may finally stand to benefit from the disastrous manufacturing run COVID-19 caused clean through 2020 and 2021. NNDM’s products and services were in short supply during the epidemic, and the stock value of the business fell as a result.

Who Are the Shareholders in Nndm?

BlackRock, Inc.; State Street Corp; Susquehanna International Group; PRNT –

Nndm Stock

The 3D Printing ETF; BlackRock Inc.; State Street Corp; Susquehanna International Group Llp; PRNT – The 3D Printing ETF, and KOMP – SPDR S&P Kensho New Economy Composite ETF; Citadel Advisors. ARK Investment Management LLC

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Failing the Exam

NNDM obtained an overall grade of F following the calculation of 118 criteria, which reflects the degree of uncertainty in its POWR ratings. A lot of financial advisors gave NNDM a failing grade in categories such as quality and stability. A long-term investment choice in 3D printing technology, Stock News reports, is not NNDM’s best bet because its competitors are so far ahead of it.

It’s all about building defences and devising investment plans to keep on top of a situation that’s surrounded by so much uncertainty. Nano Dimension has a distinct advantage over its competitors in that it has direct access to the proper sources, allowing it to do more than just survive as a business. Nano Dimension has a lot to gain from this, and the people in charge of the corporation are well aware of this.

Stock Prediction for NNDM

According to Wallet Investor, NNDM is now a good company to buy right now. This website is constantly being updated to reflect the most recent changes on the New York Stock Exchange. For the investment, the long-term forecasts indicate that 2025 and 2027 have excellent return values.

Market Beat has revealed that NNDM Stock hit a new 12-month low of $3.00 per share, in addition to Wallet Investor’s wealth of knowledge and analysis. This is Nano Dimension’s current market value, which is USD 761.40 million, its P/E ratio of -8.73, and its beta of 2.18. On average, the NNDM stock has moved USD 3.59 in the last fifty days, and USD 4.73 in the last two hundred.

Several Institutional Investors

Including Banque Cantonale Vaudoise and Koshinski Asset Management Ince., have lately made adjustments, such as the USD 26,000 purchase of the company in 2021’s third quarter by Koshinski Asset Management Ince. Additionally, Macquarie Group Ltd. invested USD 38,000 in the company, followed by Mairs & Powers Inc. Itau Unibanco Holding S.A. also increased its stock holdings by 36.5% in the fourth quarter, and now holds 10,802 shares of the firm.

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With its DragonFly lights-out digital manufacturing technology, Nano Dimension Ltd. and its subsidiaries are currently providing additive electronic products and services on a global scale. Prototypes may be made with this method, which is capable of producing high-quality multilayer circuit boards and conductive geometries like antennas and sensors.

Nndm Stock

As the crisis between Russia and Ukraine escalates, so does the involvement of nations all over the world, therefore the future of the NNDM stock price projection is entirely dependent on the decisions made by those in positions of authority across the world. What impact will it have on investment in the short and long term?


What is the most pressing demand of the populace at this point? It doesn’t appear that this conflict is going away any time soon as tensions rise between countries based on which side of the argument they’re on. Many more events will take place before it’s all said and done. A replay of the years before, during, and after World War II means enterprises who are prepared to fulfil supply and demand when they are required will perform exceptionally well if history repeats itself.

3D printing is still a relatively young technology, but Nano Dimension has the potential to become a major player in the industry. To date, Nano appears to have lagged behind the competition in this niche market, but institutional investors would not have put money into the company throughout the third and fourth quarters of 2021 if it appeared that Nano stood no possibility of moving forward with its promise. At present, NNDM Stock is the best long-term investment prospect, even if many investors appear to have withdrawn from the company in the first quarter of 2022.

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