National Girl Child Day: 24 January

national girl child day
national girl child day

National Girl Child Day

Today is national girl child day. Every year, 24 January is always reverted as a National girl child day. We all know the downgraded condition of a girl child in the world. It is said whether you want a big change in the world start it with you and your home. This event is an efficient step to improve girl’ condition across the nation.

In the 21st century, discrimination between boys and girls stands with a wide gap. This trench can’t be removed without taking an efficient step. Celebrating 24 January as a national girl child day is a symbolic start to lessen this gap.

n g d

Gender Discrimination is widely spread in various fields such as education, security, rights, respect, nutrients, and many more.

Girls are considered inferior to boys since the society formed. It is a peak time to remove such stereotypes. So, National girl child day is a step taken in this order.

Various governments organized programs from time to time to aware society about gender equality. The main purpose of campaigns has been to anchor to gender equality.

But today many state governments, as well as central governments, have introduced various schemes and programs so that society can understand the role of girls in building a wonderful society. Many of these steps have been fruitful.

Girlchild 24january

Today you can see many girls participating in various fields completely opposite of the time when girl children were not allowed to come out of their home. But it is a long distance to cover now.

Many steps are taken in this way such as Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, Domestic Violence Act 2009, and Dowry Prohibition Act 2006, and many more. All these steps are welcome. These steps managed to lessen violence against girls.

girl child day
girl child day

The main purpose to celebrate National girl child day:

  • Respect for woman in society.
  • Gender equality in society.
  • Lessening Sex ratio between males and females.
  • Changing opinions for females among society.
  • Spread awareness about various girls’ issues like nutrients, education, and health.

Government schemes for girls:

Beti Bachao, Beti Padao:

To improve the decreasing sex ratio of girls in society, Beti Bachao, Beti Padao an excellent step is taken by the current Government. In the year 2015, this scheme was started from Panipat.

Sabla scheme:

In 2011, the government came with this scheme which is dedicated to girls.  This scheme is active on 200 districts of India. Sabla spreads awareness on Girls’ health.

rajiv gandhi-sabla

Kasturba Gandhi girl child scheme:

Kasturba Gandhi girl child scheme was started in the year 2004. The main purpose of this scheme was to give admission to 75% girls belong to SC/St/OBC families and 25% of girls from the family below the poverty.

This scheme was focused on such girls who have not taken admission in any school and having age above 10 years.



Today many girls are taking various international programs along with military field with pump and show. This is a positive sign in girls’ condition. But the work is not over, it is a long way to cover. If we want a better society, we have to include girls in every activity which is necessary to build a society or nation.


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