Mono Angel Investment: Does Angel Investing Make Money?

When compared to incumbent banks’ current offerings, which are heavily reliant on physical assets, we will offer entirely digital bank accounts and financial services. Beginning with Colombia, we are collaborating with a local bank to provide an account that can be opened 100 percent over WhatsApp in 17 minutes and is completely free of charge.

A FinTech business backed by angel investors is transforming the method in which private securities are offered, sold, and traded.
Funding Portal that is registered with the SEC and is a member of FINRA.
Team is small and developing, but it is talented and experienced.

Mono Angel Investment
Work from Boston and New York, with colleagues in California, Colorado, and North Carolina, among other places.
Key executives from well-known organisations, like Verizon, PayPal, Napster, Sprint, DraftKings, and Fidelity, have come out in support of the campaign.

The Six Guiding Principles of Netcapital Are as Follows

  • Making private transactions transparent and simple is a top priority.
  • Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate in order to create value
  • Providing investors with the ability to manage their own portfolios
  • Bringing the wealth divide in America closer to a close
  • Providing equal access to financing for all innovators
  • Providing access to early-stage investments to all investors, rather than just those with connections

Netcapital is aiming to grow its development team and is searching for developers with a strong foundation in JavaScript who are passionate about producing high-quality code. Collaborate with and learn from our talented team of Engineers while working in a fast-paced software development setting.


It is highly recommended that you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, as well as NodeJS or extensive front-end JavaScript expertise.
You will be asked to construct automated test cases and create sites for customers that wish to raise funds through our platform in the beginning of your career. As you become more familiar with the code base, your responsibilities will broaden to include various aspects of the application.

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Mono Has a Variety of Job Opportunities

At Mono, we are constructing a cutting-edge financial infrastructure for the African continent. Today, enterprises and developers of all sizes from around Africa rely on our platform to reliably obtain bank account information and transactions, as well as to securely transfer money from one location to another. Flutterwave, Carbon, Renmoney, Inflow Finance, Tangerine Insurance, and many other companies are among our customers.

A constant cadence of innovations has been released over the course of just over a year, including statement pages and a no-code tool to access bank statements, recurring payments and the creation of virtual bank accounts, as well as the creation of cards. We’ve processed and analysed well over 200M+ transactions from over 800k+ bank accounts in Nigeria, and our investors include Tiger Global, Target Global, Y Combinator, Entree Capital, and other leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Angel Investors Are on the Other Side of the Table

I’m sure startup founders look across the table at the angel investors who are sitting on the other side of the table and envy them. What a wonderful feeling it must be to have all the chips in your hand. To spend your time simply figuring out how to double or treble your money, isn’t it a fantastic job to have?

People are unaware that those investors are, in many ways, similar to the company’s founders themselves. The same way that a founder gives up a comfortable, white-collar job to address an issue and makes many sacrifices along the way, angel investors take calculated risks and personify the phrase “high risk, high reward” in the same manner that entrepreneurs do. I mean, come on, don’t you think these financial professionals could come up with a million more risk-free methods to generate money? The reality is that, with the majority of them being entrepreneurs themselves, they thrive off the energy generated by aiding the ecosystem. Without these individuals’ willingness to put their hands where venture capitalists do not, I can’t image what kind of void we would be in!

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Mono Angel Investment

Rather than focusing on the opposite side of the table, we will attempt to humanise angel investors beyond the stereotype of ‘wealthy individuals with money’ in this essay.

Is Angel Investing Profitable?

Angel investors often only gain money if the firm they invest in is a success. They should be compelled to contribute as much as they can in this position. Possess a substantial amount of cash. An angel investor could make a second investment in your business if you need it.

A Typical Angel Investor’s Portfolio

The average angel investor in India makes an investment of approximately $30,000 and manages a portfolio of 10-15 firms at any given time. If we assume that only 10% of these companies accomplish successful exits (10X+), the remaining 90% will either shut down or remain zombie companies, this is a reasonable assumption (cash flow positive but very low growth, liquidity)

You might wonder if 10X isn’t a significant return multiple. A 2X-3X wouldn’t be deemed successful, so why wouldn’t it be? Let’s look at some easy math to see how this works (all the numbers here keep in mind the average angel investor)

  • The average amount invested by a corporation is $30,000
  • The number of enterprises in the portfolio is 15 in total.
  • The amount of money invested was $450,000.

The Desired Return Is One Hundred Percent

(very modest, given the risk, should be more because a 15 percent CAGR yields a 101 percent return in 5 years)

  • 5 years is the time span.
  • Amount $900,000 is the amount desired.
  • The number of positive exits is two (Assuming 10 percent of their portfolio yield positive exits)
  • Dollar The total amount spent in two startups is $30000*2= $60,000
  • You need a 15X multiple (more than 10X, right?) in order for $60,000 to yield $900,000.
  • Keep in mind that the other investments may create returns, but this occurs over a long period of time and is not guaranteed (typically 7-10 years)
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Mono Angel Investment

Meetopolis is a female-founded Arizona LLC that was co-founded by the co-founder of a big technology firm. It was established in 2010. Because of the rapidly growing interest in vertical social networks, Meetopolis identified a need in the relationship space for a platform that allows singles and coaches to come together in a more organic, less transactional way through common interest groups and online events, rather than through traditional dating sites. We assist people in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

We are now looking for competent angel investors with whom to form a partnership.


Describe your role as someone who is enthusiastic about online social communities in a way that fosters great relationships.

Having the ability to invest a minimum of $50,000 USD (details can be discussed in case of interest)
Capabilities in fundraising: able to communicate the company’s vision to other investors while facilitating their ability to contribute successfully to the firm.

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