Men’s 2022 March Madness Basketball Bracket pdf – Download a copy of The Athletic

Welcome to the mess! We are here to help. Below you will find a downloadable and printable version of the 2022 Men’s NCAA Tournament Bracket – in both blue and black, we’d like to give you one more choice over the endless competition you’re going to do next. some days. Print it, fill it in, and do whatever you want with it – we want to deliver a clean, user-friendly download as you go through March Madness. Note: The brackets are attached in the same color as the downloadable pdf.

On Tuesday, Indiana and Texas Southern won their first four games and advanced to the first round, so we updated the brackets. On Wednesday, Notre Dame beat the Ritgers in double over time and Wright State won its first NCAA Tournament game.

Every day this week we bring with you your favorite sorrows, favorites and everything in between Model of bracket breakers And Competitive selections by Austin Mock For every game.

Great challenge for the first round from our model

The link to the women’s bracket is here.

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(Top photo: Tim Navachuku / Getty Images; Noise for Wes McCabe for design work)

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