Meet the Modern Mowgli!

Indian Mowgli

Indian Mowgli

While Earlier this week the first official synopsis of the upcoming movie The Jungle Book was unveiled with its new title ‘Mowgli’, a new Mowgli has been found in India’s southwest state of Karnatka.

Samarth Bhandari, a two-year old Indian boy, who is still too young to speak has become the modern-day Mowgli, who plays with a gang of 20 plus langur monkeys. His unusual friendship with these langurs was recently discovered when he was spotted playing with nearly two dozen grey langurs by the villagers.

“It was strange to see the monkeys behaving like that and villagers feared that the child could be harmed by the langurs while his parents are away for the work in nearby fields”, says infant’s uncle Brahma Reddy.

But when the monkeys kept returning day after day to visit their new infant friend and samarth also shared his food with his unusual friends, it was clear that they feel comfortable in each other’s company.

“Since that day, the monkeys haven’t missed a day. They come to the house around the same time, even if he is sleeping, they first wake him up, and then sit with him for an hour or two,” Reddy said.

This unusual relationship piqued the interest of local villagers and soon people began visiting Samarth. “Everyone thinks that he is special and they are communicating with each other, and can understand what is being said,” Reddy said.

Mowgli was a fictional character in “The Jungle Book” written by Rudyard Kipling which tells the story of the human child Mowgli. In the book the child was raised by a group of wolves in the Indian Jungle.

The character become quite popular and since its introduction has attracted producers around the world.


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