Makar Sankranti, Thanksgiving Day, Encourages Social Relationship: VP Naidu Tells Youth

Makar Sankranti 2019
Makar Sankranti 2019

Calling the harvest festival Makar Sankranti a celebration of life and vitality, Venkaiah Naidu said it holds great historical and religious significance.

VP M Venkaiah Naidu on the eve of Makar Sankranti encouraged the young to comprehend the rich and different conventions of Indian celebrations and called for ensuring, advancing and improving “our remarkable” culture and people fine arts.

Talking subsequent to introducing the fourth International Kite Festival and second International Sweet Festival at Parade Ground in Secunderabad Sunday, Naidu said celebrations are events for social holding and instill a soul of shared agreement and national uprightness.

“They symbolize restoration, revival, and recovery of our customs and legacy and get a feeling of harmony, solidarity, love, and fellowship in the present quick paced world,” Naidu was cited as saying in an official discharge.

“We witness the meeting up of families and networks amid such celebrations. They are likewise events for social holding,” he said.

Calling the gather celebration Makar Sankranti a festival of life and imperativeness, Naidu said it holds incredible verifiable and religious essentialness. It is the celebration of the sun god who is frequently viewed as the image heavenliness and shrewdness and the individuals who praise this event of thanksgiving and fun delight in expectation and euphoria, he said.

The VP likewise attempted his hand at kite-flying and said it was a colossal ordeal which rises above age, class, and network. Seeing that kite-production was a fine art, the VP said it required ability, exactness, dedication, and innovative-ness.

Upwards of 42 proficient kite fliers from abroad and 60 from India are taking an interest in the Kite Festival. Expressing that India’s enormous decent variety and majority made it home to a few brilliant celebrations, he focused on the need to comprehend significance and qualities related with them, including that they additionally had profound connections to nature.

Alluding to the presentation of 1,200 desserts from various nations at the Sweet Festival, he said they symbolize the sweet happenings throughout everyday life and hold a position of incredible unmistakable quality in the Indian culinary convention.

Telangana Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Legislative Council Chairman Swamy Goud were among the dignitaries who gone to the occasion.


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