Is Vvs Finance a Good Investment and How Many Vvs Finance Are There?

Because of several high-profile advertising initiatives, the majority of users associate with an exchange and wallet app that competes with Kraken and Coinbase. A Super Bowl halftime show slot with Lebron James and the naming rights to the former Staples Center are among the many examples.
Cronos, an EVM-compatible blockchain whose DeFi ecosystem has expanded steadily to $2.3 billion in TVL since it went live in November, has done much more since the Singapore-based startup introduced it.

As of February 15, the Cronos chain’s VVS protocol accounted for 59 per cent of the chain’s total TVL. In terms of TVL, it’s already the 7th-largest DEX, trailing only Trader Joe’s and Osmosis.

What Is the Purpose of Vvs Finance?

In addition to swaps, liquidity pools, and staking, VVS Finance is a DEX that offers the traditional DeFi capabilities:
Very, Very Simple Finance (VVSF) is the acronym for the platform’s unique selling point (UVP): simplifying DeFi. It accomplishes this through the use of gamification and a user-friendly UI. Many of the metrics Footprint advises you to use to measure the health of a crypto project can be found in this project:

Is Vvs Finance a Good Investment

Market capitalization upon IPO: First few months after launch, VVS Finance had a market capitalization of $170million, which has roughly mirrored the general market trend since then. In the range of 5 to 20 per cent of its market value, VVS Finance’s trading volume has been quite consistent.
No suspicious pumping of the protocol’s token VVS’s price action, which is typical of new DEX projects and chains, but is nonetheless erratic.

  • Why, therefore, has Cronos’s inaugural AMM, a contender for the next SushiSwap or PancakeSwap, suddenly drawn so much attention?
  • Inquiry into VVS Finance’s Tokenomics is Uncertain.
  • 2.2 trillion VVS tokens are currently in circulation; their total supply exceeds 36 trillion, and this will rise to 100 trillion over the next ten years as a result of the emission timetable.
  • Here are the current circulating supply figures for the most popular DEX tokens as a point of reference: (rounded to a million).
  • SushiSwap: 127 million people Unicurrency SUSHI Swap: 632,000,000
  • Pancake Swap: 268 million dollars CAKE
  • 7 million BAL for the balancer
  • In comparison to the other major DEX tokens, VVS Finance’s tokenomics concept is a standout.
  • One self-proclaimed holder on Reddit, dsx02, has some fair criticism to offer:
  • Both VVS and TONIC were in my portfolio, but I decided to sell them both because of their tokenomics: There are 100 trillion VVS and 500 trillion TONIC, which is 1000
  • times more VVS than DOGE and is already a massively inflated currency whose price suffers greatly because of it… ” There will be 50 trillion dollars emitted in 2022 alone,
  • therefore “yes I honestly don’t see how it will rise in value at all unless you just don’t believe in inflation at all.”
  • Does the fact that VVS has such a large supply of tokens affect its long-term prospects?
  • There are other tokens, like Ethereum, that have substantially more or even infinite supply.
  • There is no limit to the amount of CAKE that can be produced.
  • As a result, a project’s quality, advantages, and downsides cannot be judged just by its overall supply. What matters most is how they’ll be distributed – whose business model
  • they’ll be using. A token’s value and token price will be affected if there is too much supply in circulation but not enough use (e.g., through staking or burning).
  • With its ties to, the VVS Finance project may prove to be a worthwhile investment if it can hold on to its dominant position in the Cronos ecosystem.
  • Footprint Analytics: What Is It?
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An all-in-one tool for analysing blockchain data and discovering insights is Footprint Analytics. Users of any experience level may begin investigating tokens, projects, and protocols right away thanks to the clean and integrated on-chain data. A drag-and-drop interface with more than a thousand dashboard templates allows anyone to create their bespoke charts in minutes. Make better investment decisions with Footprint by discovering blockchain data.

Which Vvs Finance Firms Exist?

A total of 100 trillion VVS tokens are available in the VVS Finance network, with a current circulating supply of around 13 trillion VVS.

An Increase in the Cost of Living

Due to its dubious tokenomics, the exchange sparked controversy at the end of February. As of this writing, there are around 12.65 trillion VVS tokens in circulation, which is significantly more than any other decentralised exchange (DDE). In comparison to Uniswap, SushiSwap has only 127.24 million.

Is Vvs Finance a Good Investment

Investors are concerned about the token’s inflationary tendency. Even more so, given that the circulation supply currently stands at just over 13 trillion, this is expected to rise to 100 trillion over time. If the DEX doesn’t attract a large number of traders, it may be difficult to keep the value of each coin at its current level.

The Last Few Performances Have Been Abysmal

On November 22, 2021, the coin’s value rose from $0.0001123 to $0.0001542. On November 24, 2021, the coin’s value rose again. On 26 November 2021, the VVS coin fell to $0.0001154 before increasing once again to $0.0001442 on 3 December 2021. Declining VVS prices started in December, dropping to $0.00006827 on December 13, before falling even further to $0.00002382 on January 22 of the following year. Afterwards, on February 10th, the coin soared to $0.00004303 before falling to $0.0000263 on February 24th, 2022.

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Vvs Price Forecast – Professional View

It is crucial to remember that forecasts might be useful as an indicator of the price direction of a currency or token, but they should not be considered absolutes. When looking at long-term forecasts, this is especially important because they can occasionally be entirely wrong. This is due to the crypto market’s intrinsic volatility as well as the numerous unknowns that may have an impact on future values.

For the Year 2022, the Vvs Price Forecast

A new era in cryptocurrency appears to be dawning. Insistent on predicting that the long-term price of VVS will soar due to rising expectations for the currency. With an average price of $0.00003054 and a minimum of $0.00002965, the year 2022 can come to an end. Trading at roughly $0.00003516 is likely to be the highest point in the market

Predicted Vvs Finance Price in 2023

Prices for VVS Finance (VVS) may have reached their prior all-time high by 2023, it appears.
We can anticipate an average price of $0.00004524 by the year 2023. VVS Finance might reach a maximum price of $0.00005169 in 2023 if all goes according to plan. Cryptocurrency markets tend to dump after a long bull run, and this is nothing out of the ordinary.


If you’re looking for VVS Finance pricing forecasts and predictions for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, you’re in the right place. We’ll look at VVS Finance’s (VVS) price history and see what analysts are saying about the stock’s future.

Is Vvs Finance a Good Investment
Every prediction should be taken with caution because it comes from a market expert/analyst, and you should keep that in mind.
Moreover, it’s hard to predict something so flawless. But we promise to give it our all. Start now.

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