Is Knightscope a Good Investment: Who Has Invested in Knightscope?

An advanced physical security technology company focused on improving U.S. security operations today announced the beginning of its $40 million Class A common stock offering on the Nasdaq Global Market under the ticker symbol “KSCP,” which will be listed immediately following close. Up to 4 million shares at a price of $10 each are being offered.

Now Is the Time to Buy Shares

Digital Offering, LLC, will serve as the sole bookrunner and lead managing selling agent for the sale. As long as market conditions allow, the Offering can be purchased through several broker-dealers over a 30- to 45-day period, depending on demand. Now is the time to learn how to participate in the stock market’s public offering.

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“On this significant day, I wish to take a moment to thank the utterly tireless staff at Knightscope and our 28,000+ investors for their ongoing support,” stated Knightscope chairman and CEO, William Santana Li. “In order to make the United States of America safest country on Earth, our team is more determined than ever. Providing cutting-edge technology to our courageous military personnel on our own turf will help them make better, faster, and safer judgments. As we work together to rethink public safety, they deserve nothing less than the best.”

Is Knightscope a Good Investment

Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) will be able to expand their current fleet while also investing in new technologies that will further accelerate the adoption of robots as a mainstream security solution for government facilities, hospitals, schools and corporate campuses as well as manufacturing plants and logistic facilities in cities as well as airports and rail stations. You can find out more about the proven benefits here.

How Valuable Are the Knightscope Robots?

The K5 Security Robot by Knighscope

The fact that Knightscope is a 100% equity crowdfunded firm has made waves in the startup community. According to their page, they had difficulty getting funding in their early years because many people underestimated them.
Any sceptics seem to have been proven wrong by their income of over 3 million dollars and a valuation of more than 450 million dollars.

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After generating nearly $22 million in an initial public offering on January 27, Knightscope will use the money for manufacturing and technology development. There are promising subscription-based security robots, but the company only makes $1 million a quarter.

The current business model does not warrant a stock valuation of roughly $500 million. Members of my private investment community delved into this topic in greater detail.

Samsung-branded Knightscope Security Robot

Despite the potential of autonomous security robots (ASRs), Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCPrecent )’s IPO isn’t ready for prime time. As a result of the company’s huge advertising campaign, its share prices are probably overvalued. For the time being, my investment strategy is pessimistic about the stock.

The Ipo Had a Wild Ride

The stock has been on a roller coaster since its initial public offering on January 27 at $10. Knightscope’s stock initially fell below $6 due to the company’s poor financials, but it rose to a high of over $27 on the back of investor excitement over a pair of new customer contracts.


Ycharts Provides the Data

More K1, K3, and K5 ASRs will be manufactured and new technologies developed as a result of the firm raising $22.4 million by selling 2.2 million shares at $10 per share. Over 50 million diluted shares of Knightscope now exist, yet the company is still far from generating enough money to cover its costs.

Table of Shared Count

The Knightscope is the source of this information. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing
More than 7.4 million options and 4.4 million warrants are outstanding at an average price of $1.38 and $4.78, respectively, for the corporation. These options and warrants are expected to be converted in the future if the stock is above $8.

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Is Knightscope a Good Investment

Although Knightscope listed 4 million shares, the business only sold 2.2 million shares in its initial public offering (IPO). At this point, the total number of shares outstanding for the corporation will be 53 million. Market capitalization is $477 million at $9. Additional robots and operations will be funded with the money. Growth projects will be scaled back and new personnel will be hired less frequently, according to the organisation.

Who Has Knightscope Invested in?

Japan’s largest mobile carrier, Konica Minolta, is one of the company’s most important strategic investors. At 45 people in Silicon Valley, Knightscope designs and develops its technologies with 85 percent American content.

Isn’t the Business Model Ready?

For its ASRs, Knightscope uses a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) approach. The monthly fee for an ASR can range from $3,300 to $8,150. The ASR rental, maintenance, service, and support, as well as data transfer and access to the Knightscope Security Operations Center, are all included in the MaaS. Customers without 24-hour security staff can now use Knightscope’s new remote monitoring service.
Since its first paid order in 2015, Knightscope has not been able to offer investors much in the way of recurring revenue streams from service contracts. Investors have no idea about the company’s present financial situation or even quarterly financial results because the company has only disclosed financial data for the six months ended June 30, 2021.

Statement of Earnings

Information obtained from a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by Knightscope

As reported, revenues at Knightscope were less than $1 million every quarter, with year-over-year growth of just 9%. According to CNBC’s adverts, the firm is spending more than $3 million a quarter on advertising to promote its IPO, which suggests that the company’s expenditure has been increasing in recent months.
The company has announced arrangements with a number of high-profile companies in the financial and gambling industries without providing many specifics about those agreements. There was only one K5 robot added to the security programme, according to a Fortune 500 company’s release.
According to the SEC filing, Knightscope may only be able to bring in $8K a month from this highly publicised partnership. The company’s investment story will be significantly more compelling if it can get deals for at least 10 ASRs. A purchase of 10 ASRs at the midpoint of the indicated monthly MaaS contracts might only bring in $500K in annual revenue.

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Knightscope listed an order for 24 additional ASRs as of September 31, but the annual subscription value was just around $1.3 million. However, COVID-19 had a significant influence on a number of clients’ operations.

Since its initial public offering (IPO) in May of this year, it has lost almost $5 million in quarterly cash flow, despite raising only $22 million. As of December 31, Knightscope had around $10 million in cash on hand, providing some additional liquidity to the books beyond the IPO proceeds.

Is Knightscope a Good Investment

Knightscope’s activities may require further funding in the future if it wants to stay afloat until the company turns a profit. While these assets are restricted, future spending on additional ASRs will quickly deplete them, given the IPO objective of raising $40 million and spending up to $15 million on purchasing ASRs.


While Knightscope has some potential and exciting technology, the firm isn’t ready for public markets yet. Before Knightscope enters a boom phase, investors should wait to see more quarterly results before becoming too excited about the stock.

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