Indian Railways Ready to bring in Airplane Style Toilets


Indian Railways is ready to bring Airplane Style toilets to their trains with brand new styles and different colors.

  • Railway Minister is sure that all these changes will be made fast.
  • Indian Railways are totally changing the experience of their toilets by bringing in revamped ones with different colors and more.
  • Indian Railways have decided on renovating their toilets and giving a total change on railway stations and coaches.
  • Three major decisions have taken place for every Train, coaches and all the railway stations.

Full-color change for all the coaches:


Leaving some of the trains like Duranto Express, Shatabdi Express, Tejas Express and Humsafar Express and Gatimaan Express Indian Railways is repainting all their Express and Mail trains in new Brown & Beige Color Scheme.

This color scheme will replace the Dark Blue color Scheme that was introduced in 1990. The Delhi Pathankot Express is already painted in this new Color scheme.

New Style of Toilets:

  • The Railway Minister Has said that the from now on every coach will have Airplane style Toilets that will be work on Vacuum Bio-Technology.
  • The cost of each toilet is ₹2.5 lakhs and railways need these for around 2.5 lakh coaches
  • The Minister has said that the Railway is ready to replace all toilets with Bio-Vacuum toilets.
  • The Railway has installed 1.3  lakh bio-toilets in 37,000 trains. These bio-toilets cost around 1 lakh each.

Escalators on Railway Stations:

  • The Railways has now decided that it will install escalators on all their Railway stations.
  • Railway has decided that Railway Stations will handle around 25,000 footfalls but this is now increased to 1, 00,000
  • Each escalator cost around 1 Crore for installation and Railway is ready for this budget with Advertisements and other revenue generation methods.

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