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To better the lives and strengthen the communities of Idaho, the Idaho Housing and Finance Association works to increase housing options, encourage economic development, and build self-reliance. Simply stated, Idaho Housing’s objective is aimed at ensuring that Idaho communities have access to affordable housing whenever and wherever they need it most. Like any commercial financial institution, Idaho Housing is self-sufficient and relies on earned fees and revenues to fund its operations. The state of Idaho does not financially support it.

A leader in residential and multifamily mortgage lending, Idaho Housing sells its products through a network of mortgage lenders and brokers. It acts as an agent for HUD, handling a wide range of responsibilities related to the funding, development, and management of affordable housing. Idaho Housing provides small-business finance options as part of its economic development efforts.
All aspects of real estate development, financing, maintenance, and tenant support are handled by Idaho Housing’s personnel and management. We need the same talents and abilities as traditional lenders and real estate experts, but we also have to deal with complicated legislation governing affordable housing. Idaho Housing is committed to addressing the needs of the state’s most vulnerable citizens and families at every stage of its work.

Priorities Set by the Ihfa for the State of Housing

Increase the number of rental properties available for low-income people in both urban and rural areas. Idaho’s homeless youth, veterans, and the chronically homeless will be helped by this programme The provision of short-term housing support can help to prevent homelessness.

Idaho Housing and Finance

Increase the number of people who own their own homes by providing adequate financial and educational assistance; Encourage community and local government investment in affordable housing; Preserve older, existing housing stock to keep it affordable.

Requirements on Borrowers’ Income

Only households making less than $125,000 are eligible for our home loan products in all Idaho counties, except for Blaine County, which has a maximum income of $135,000. Some of the prerequisites that a potential homeowner must meet are as follows:

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Residents of Idaho are required to take out a loan from a local bank. This person must have a good credit and employment history before they can be approved for a mortgage or any other type of loan. It may be necessary for some items County-by-county data on borrower income limitations and sales prices may be found in the chart below.


A PHA is a government body tasked with ensuring that the community’s most vulnerable residents have access to secure, hygienic, and decent housing. Those at risk of homelessness, the elderly, and people with disabilities are all included in this.
Despite their close ties to municipal, state, and federal governments, housing authorities operate on their own. A housing authority is a state-chartered, non-profit public corporation that operates independently.

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Housing authorities can collaborate with local governments and organisations to build long-term housing initiatives for communities thanks to this organisational framework. Housing authorities, despite their independence, must adhere to federal regulations. In addition, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides a subsidy to housing authorities (HUD). Housing authorities in certain states receive money from the state or run independent programmes that are not directly supported by the government.

Services by of Idaho Housing and Finance

Federal public housing units and Section 8 vouchers are the most common housing programmes administered by public housing authorities (PHAs). Additionally, PHAs may administer state-financed programmes in addition to other programmes that are supported locally.

Eligibility of Idaho Housing and Finance

The programme for which you are applying determines your eligibility. It is common for PHAs to provide homes for low-income families, military veterans, disabled and elderly people. HUD publishes low-income ranges on an annual basis, which are based on factors such as the number of family members and the location of the household.

In Idaho, What Does It Mean to Be Poor?

Annual Income Required to Afford: $1,501. Idaho. how to go about making an application
To be eligible for a PHA, an application must be submitted. Since low-income housing is in such high demand, most applicants are placed on a waiting list.

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Is Low-income Housing Available in Idaho?

An Idaho resident for the duration of your stay is required. A permanent legal resident of the United States or a citizen thereof. Your criminal record is devoid of drug or sex offences, and you have no prior convictions. You don’t have any evictions from Section 8 housing on your record.

Idaho Housing and Finance Facts

There are seven members on the seven-member board of commissioners of the IHFA, a unique financial entity and administrator of affordable housing resources. It’s a 153-worker corporation with branch offices in Coeur d’Alene and Boise, Idaho. Falls, Lewiston, and Twin Falls are all in the state of Idaho.

Idaho Housing and Finance

• The Idaho Housing and Finance Authority (IHFA) is a key player in the formulation and coordination of housing policy in the state. Expanding housing options, creating self-sufficiency, and promoting economic growth are all part of our mission to enhance lives and strengthen Idaho communities. All revenue required to fund the costs of running IHFA must be generated by the organisation itself. It does this by charging fees for services rendered and not using any state workers or state-appropriated monies.

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For example, IHFA has raised millions of dollars in the national capital markets and has formed alliances with other financial institutions throughout the state. An agency of HUD, it handles a wide range of responsibilities related to funding, creating, and maintaining low-income housing projects.

Stimulus Money for Housing

IHFA, Idaho’s foremost housing policy organisation, is in charge of implementing a significant chunk of the government’s stimulus programmes. Listed below are the various initiatives that IHFA oversees.

Idaho Housing and Finance
Refinancing and new mortgage revenue bonds totalling $100 million: Additional allotment of Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MRB) will help fulfil the demand for long-term, fixed-rate mortgages and refinance loans for low- and moderate-income borrowers. ‘ A portion of the money raised will go toward expanding IHFA’s First Loan programme, which provides low-interest mortgages to an additional 750 people. A fixed-rate mortgage can also be obtained for qualifying households with adjustable-rate mortgages that were made between December 31, 2001, and January 1, 2008.

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IHFA and Idaho Partners for Homebuyer Education, Inc. currently provide free housing counselling in Idaho, and this amount will be used to expand that service. Housing counselling programmes, which help homeowners find resources and answers to their housing issues, will benefit from this additional financing. 1-877-888-3135 is the toll-free number for those seeking free housing counselling.
There are $4.4 million in HPRP grants to help families and individuals avoid homelessness by providing interim rent and avoiding eviction. HPRP funds are used to help people avoid homelessness.


As a financial organisation and administrator of affordable housing services, the Idaho Housing and Finance Association is unique.
The FHA, VA, and USDA all provide loans with lower credit requirements and little or no down payments in addition to Idaho’s state-level programmes for first-time homebuyers.

The Native American Direct Loan (NADL) and the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) are only two examples of speciality loans that can make housing more affordable for some borrowers. There are also low-interest rates to be found in several of them. Visit Bankrate’s guide to first-time homebuyer loans and programmes to see whether you qualify.

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