HTC Is Not Quitting: Coming Up With New Smartphones

HTC Is Not Quitting: Coming Up With New Smartphones
HTC Is Not Quitting: Coming Up With New Smartphones

As per the recent reports, HTC is transforming its internal structure to make the whole operation more efficient.

Lately, HTC has been in the news for calling to quit in the Indian Market. HTC still competes with Apple and Samsung with its competitive smartphones, has been quitting the country after several of its officers in the top management have reportedly resigned.  While the company isn’t done yet.

HTC will Continue to Sell Smartphones in India

According to a report by Gadget 360, HTC will continue to sell their smartphones in India, with no future plan of halting the sales.

In the statement released by HTC it was stated “HTC will continue to sell its award-winning smartphones in India; indeed, we have just launched the HTC Desire 12 and HTC Desire 12+ in the India market. HTC always seeks new efficiencies in operation, and regularly reviews the channel and product strategy to ensure appropriate offerings in each market,”

Although, the company accepts that some of their workforces have been let go, for specific reasons to modify the internal workflow efficiency.

The company stated,  “HTC recently optimized the organization to bring the businesses under common leadership in the regions and continues to realign resources against its key strategic initiatives. The recent reduction in workforce in the India office is designed to more appropriately reflect local and regional market conditions and will help HTC more effectively advance into a new stage of growth and innovation. There are still more than ten employees in the India office providing full functionality.”

HTC to Invest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Products

Hence, despite cropping down their internal management, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is still pointing to be competitive in the Indian smartphone market, along with the new upcoming fields like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Products.

As per HTC, “Being an important market to HTC, we will continue to invest in India in the right segments and at the right time. We value our customer distribution partners and will have a bright future together. As an innovator leader, we shall continue to look for talents in strategic areas for further growth,”

Do you feel, HTC should continue to compete in the Indian Market, where there are Smartphone giants such as Samsung and Xiaomi, let us know in the comments below?

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