Happy Dolyatra 2019 [History and Significance, Rituals, Messages, SMS, GIFs]

Happy Dol yatra
Happy Dol yatra

Happy Dol yatra: Dolyatra is the festival of colours celebrated in the Indian states of ASSAM, Bengal and Odisha. The day commence on the same day of Holi and it is basically the color yatra (colour procession) and procession of rejoice. The festival is dedicated to lord Krishna.

On this day Images or of Krishna, richly adorned and besmeared with colour powder (the powder is known as Abir) it taken off in procession in the swinging palaqui (a swinging Cradle) decorated with the beautiful flower, decorations, leaves, Colored paper and clothes.

Happy Dol yatra 2019

Happy Dol yatra
Happy Dol yatra

The crowed is accompanied by music, dance, blaring of conch shells, trumpets and by shouting ‘Jai sri Krishna’ glorifying Krishna and enjoying.

This year ‘Happy Dolyatra 2019’ is going to commence on 21st March which is on Sunday, the main day of HOLI.

Significance of Dolyatra

Adding the boost to the holi celebration, this Dolyatra becomes more significant for Bengalis (People of Indian state BENGAL) because on this day there is also the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (since 1485-1533) who was a great Vaishnava saint and the Modern Sankirtana is the idea of him.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the one who elevated passion of Radha and Krishna to the high spiritual level to the people. People who follow Chaitanya School of Vaishnavism believe chaitanya as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. So, celebration has some extra rejoice due to these reason.

The day is celebrated with zeal of enthusiasm by cooking delicious food, making procession in the name of Krishna by glorifying him, making of kirtan Ghar, singing hymns, songs, playing drums etc.

Days of Celebration of Dolyatra 2019

Dolyatra is celebrated in the 4 auspicious days.

  1. First day is called Gondh
  2. Second day as Bhor-deul (Main Dhol)
  3. Third day is combines in the celebration mood of the feast
  4. Dolyatra lasts with the 4th day called Sueri
  • On the first day of Deul which is known by Gondh, celebration starts in the evening time. The day is commemorated as the full incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna is believed to visit Ghunucha’s (one of the wives of Krishna) Place.

His followers make a bonfire in front of Kirtan-Ghar (small prayer house made by people for praying) and celebrate and welcome him with the beat of Vaishnavite Drums, cymbals and the idol of Krishna is carried around the bonfire and the doul. At the same time all the religious rituals, chants and prayer of Kirtan Ghar remains continued.

  • The second day of Deul is known as Bhor-Deul (means Main Dhol). This Bhor Deul is celebrated for one day in the month of chot and for 2-3 days in the month of Phalgun. The day featured by colouring of Krishna ido with faku.
  • Now comes the 3rd day which is also a part of 2nd day Bhor-Deul celebration and praying, singing and chanting goes on this day.
  • On the last day i.e 4th day of Deul which is particularly known as Sueri, it is believed that Krishna returns back to the house of ‘mother Laxmi’ from the house of Ghunucha.

On the membrane of this day, people bring back the idol of lord Krishna to a Palaquin (Dola) and start the procession to ‘Mother Laxmi’s’ House. Devotees from various regions participate in the procession creating the sea of devotee (bulk of devotees). The chanting, playing vaishnavite drums, conches, cymbals etc. since it commence on the same day of Holi, Holi songs also rend the sky.

As part of celebration and rejoice, people throw colours on one another. When the process reach the kirtan ghar, the main entry gate is blocked by the followers of Laxmi with bamboos. It is believed that mother laxmi became angry on Lord Krishna because he was at Ghunucha’s place for longer period of time. There for the gate is blocked but at last, Krishna break the bamboo barrier to enter the campus and takes 7 rounds of the kirtan gahr.

Taking the advantage of peace, the tired Krishna takes rest for a while but the devotees of laxmi reproof him again and again. This scene is really interesting to see because the verbal blame between the Krishna and his devotees takes place.

But at the end, Krishna satisfies the Mother Laxmi with other presents and money and earns admits defeats and here ends the whole celebration with joy and happiness.

Happy Dol yatra Greetings

Dol Yatra being the festival of joy which you enjoy with the friends and family, you can enjoy it with your friends too. But the joy will have extra rejoice when you wish your acquaintances, friends and family a dol purnima 2019. To add the boost to it, you are given here with bengali dol yatra sms, dol yatra bengali sms, dol yatra greetings, dol yatra sms in Bengali, dol yatra wishes, radha krishna dol jatra and much more as such which you can use to add the happiness to your celebration.

Aji  ei Bawsonto Jagroto Dware….

Nutan Rong E Rangiye Tolo Sokkol Ke….

Happy Dol jatra o Basonto Utsav..

Aji Hok Rong Fekase,

Tomar Amar Akashe, Chand-Er Hasi Jotoi Hok Na Klanto,

Bristi Asuk Ba Naiba Ashuk, Jhor Uthuk Ba Naiba Uthuk,

Ful Futuk  ba Naiba Futuk, Aji BOSONTO…
Happy Dol jatra o Suvo Basonto Utsav..

Laal, Nil, Sobuj Eri Mela Bosechhe….

Ajike Dol,  Dol-E Onek Onek Ananda Karo, Kachher Manush Ke Niye,

Happy Holi & Suvo Dol Jatra…


Happy Dol yatra Gif

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Happy Dol yatra Sms Free

We have here the top collection of SMS for this festival in every language which you can use to wish your friends and family. We have the top collections of dol yatra sms in Bengali, dol yatra bengali sms, dol yatra sms online, bengali dol yatra sms, dol yatra sms Gujarat, dol yatra sms gujarati, dol yatra sms hindi, dol yatra sms English, dol yatra sms email id, dol yatra sms messages, dol yatra sms free, dol yatra sms free download, dol yatra sms today. Go with the below mentioned collections and use it.

Ronge Ronge Vore Geche Ei Bhubon, Rang Er Motoi  Rongin Hok Sokol Er Jibon.

Subho Dol Purnima & Happy Holi..

Kotoi Swapno Dekhechilo
Tomay Mon Cheyechilo
Hese Hridoy Bolechilo
Tomakei Se Chai
Aj Swapno Mritopray
Hridoy Je Bhenge Jai
Tomai Chere Onno Kichu
E Mon Nahi Chay.

Happy Holi & Suvo Dol Jatra..

Rat Sundor Chand Utle,
Din Sundor Surjo Utle,
Sopno Sundor Puron Hole,
Jibon Sundor Tumar Moto Bondhu Thakle

Happy Holi & Suvo Dol Jatra..

Final Conclusion

So, before we depart, once again wishing you a “Happy Dolyatra 2019” and Happy Holi 2019 as well.

From the above information we have tried to help you with the information related to Dolyatra in details. Hope by know you are clear about the History, significance and rituals as well as myth behind this festival and the beauty of it.

We have also given you the best collections of Messages, Quotes, Greetings and much more so that you can boost your celebration.

So, if your find this article really helpful and informative to you and everything at one place satisfying your query, then you can drop your feedback or suggestions in our comment section. We will be happy to hear from you.


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