Google Launches Messaging Service – A Perfect Replacement of SMS

Google is Launching Messaging Service
Google is Launching Messaging Service

Google, a tech giant is now rolling out with a new messaging service to replace traditional texting service or SMS.

Indeed a thoughtful step by the professionals and they believe that this messaging service will offer advanced and unconventional features to Android users which they already find in Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s Whatsapp.

As per the experts, it is a strategic retreat for the Google which faced little turbulence to bring a dedicated chat app of its own into existence. The service, in simple words, is not a Google messaging app but it will be installed on Android phones by collaborating with dozens of mobile brands across the globe.

This chat service is coming with several upgraded features for Android users which they could not get in the traditional messaging or Short Message Service (SMS) which has been surpassed by other messaging apps which are rich in features.

Google Launches Messaging Service
Google Launches Messaging Service

Marketing a new standard service which is called Rich Communications Services or RCS, will allow users to share videos and GIFs, high-resolution pictures, receiving read receipts and users can also get to see when the other person is typing as we always see in Whatsapp messenger.

A special feature called “Smart Reply” that was first seen in Google Allo an offering by Google for the text communication, it will give predictions and suggestions of the words.

Another feature gives emoji suggestions as responses. This feature is restricted to the English language but will be upgraded to more languages over time.

Though this ‘Messages’ app for Android is almost similar to Whatsapp that more than half of the population is using. The only difference is that ‘Messages’ app depends on telecom operators for sending and receiving messages whereas WhatsApp can be accessed through the internet.

It has been estimated by the GSMA, a global cellular industry group that around 350 million people will start using RCS by the end of this year and the group is also expecting double the number in 2019.

Other mobile carriers such as – Sprint, T-Mobile has enabled the messaging standard in the United States. AT&T has not responded to the request yet.

According to an analyst at the research firm eMarketer, Yory Wurmser diligently declared that Google’s Chat is not the perfect solution for the company and claimed it a business concession. He stated that– “They would love to have a direct competitor to Messenger or WhatsApp, but they weren’t able to figure out that challenge of getting enough users for it to really take off,” he said. “What they were doing is a backup strategy of getting the functionality they were looking for on Android by shifting the work and control to carriers.” – He further added.

This new messaging standard has been prolifically designed to work across different carrier networks but it totally depends on the mobile companies whether they want to enable the service or not.


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