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Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to make money. A successful real estate investor, on the other hand, needs a specific set of skills and knowledge, as well as enough of spare time to keep track of their investments.

A real estate syndication firm like Gatsby Investment allows you to take use of the experience, expertise, and time of our real estate experts while doing all the work for you. By pooling your money with others, we can offer you access to the Southern California real estate market for a reasonable investment fee.


Gatsby Investment was founded in 2016 with the purpose of making unique real estate investment opportunities available to investors around the world. Prior to the JOBS Act of 2012, wealthy investors had to use private contacts to make investments in high-value real estate projects. It was made possible by the JOBS Act that real estate companies like mine could offer these opportunities to all investors who are accredited.

Gatsby Invest

For as little as $10,000, investors may own a piece of valuable Los Angeles real estate using Gatsby Investment’s unique and user-friendly web platform. As a result of this low minimum investment, you can rapidly and simply diversify your real estate portfolio by investing in various projects. From six-month home flips to multi-family developments that take a few years, we have a wide range of investment options for you. Long-term rental alternatives are available to our investors, allowing them to benefit from tax advantages and passive income.

In order to provide investors with the highest possible return, we use a multidisciplinary team of experts who include financial analysts, architects, interior designers, construction managers, property managers, and real estate agents. It’s the quickest and simplest way to get rich in real estate. And our outcomes are self-evident. During the year 2021, our average annualised return was a whopping 26.5%.

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  • Because Gatsby Investment has a proven track record.
  • It’s a record-breaking return:

Annual yields of 10 to 25 percent… In large part, this is due to Gatsby’s proprietary software, automation, and tried-and-true business strategy. It’s easy to see why our clients keep coming back to us. This results in higher-than-average profits.

Control Over Individual Transactions

Investing in one of our projects is as simple as picking and choosing from a list of available options.

Gatsby Invest

The property data (including the address) and financial breakdown, as well as a detailed description of our efforts to increase the property’s worth, will be available for your review before you make an investment decision.

The Terms Are Open

Real estate investments can be made for six months to five years in duration.. Once the property has been stabilised, you have the option of converting your repair or development investment into a long-term rental investment. Because of this latitude, you can create a real estate portfolio that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Minimum Investments That Are Modest by Comparison

For as little as $10,000, you may own a piece of Los Angeles real estate. We can aggregate money from various investors thanks to the procedures Gatsby has in place, and hence provide relatively modest minimum investments.

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Deals of Value

We are able to find the most promising transactions thanks to our extensive network of contacts in the business. Some of our acquisitions come from auctions, some from broker partnerships, and some even off-the-shelf purchases. When it comes to real estate investment, many of our projects were previously only open to the most affluent investors because of their connections. We’ve made these bargains available to everyone thanks to our cutting-edge systems.

Extensive Knowledge

Hundreds of real estate transactions have been successfully completed by our staff. You may avoid the mistakes that most real estate investors make by relying on our expertise. We have the greatest people in the industry working for us, from brokers to contractors to analysts to architects. You get to benefit from some of the most renowned experts in the LA market’s experience, knowledge, and skill.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has registered Gatsby Investment, and the company is required to file periodic reports under registration number CIK #0001833897.


  • Using Gatsby, you’ll have full visibility into everything we’ve done. For every completed project, investors can see the financial information.
  • An internet platform that is simple to use:
  • Anywhere you have access to a computer or smartphone, you may invest fast and securely.


To “securitize wine investing,” Vint.co was founded in May 2019 by Nick King (CEO and co-founder) and Patrick Sanders (CTO and co-founder). If you have money and a web browser, Vint is the first wine investment platform that everyone can use, Sanders claims. Anyone may invest in and diversify their holdings in great wine and unusual spirits through Vint.

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Gatsby Invest

CEO Nick King, according to Sanders, came up with the notion for Vint while looking into the alternative asset industry. As of right now, Vint employs nine full-time employees, with five working in the company’s office and four in its product division.

For the Vint website, Sanders went with Gatsby as the framework and Contentful as the CMS. To get a better understanding of why Vint went with Gatsby and Contentful, we recently sat down with Sanders, who handled the design, development, and launch of the Vint website himself, to discuss Vint as a company, the Vint website, and how embracing a Jamstack-powered web strategy has been an important part of Vint’s digital marketing efforts.

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