First Interstate Bank: What Happened to First Interstate Bank?

The company’s founder, Homer Scott, Sr., believed that people and organisations should be assessed by their actions rather than their words. From the time Homer Scott, Sr. purchased the first bank in 1968 until our expansion over four decades, we have followed a distinct set of guiding principles that are clearly articulated in our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Our long-term business strategy is built on high-quality financial products and services, outstanding customer service, and a strong and positive corporate culture. We aspire to keep our market leadership by keeping to the fundamental ideas and values that have fuelled our growth and success, as well as by adhering to our community banking model.


First Interstate Bank was founded in 1968 when Homer Scott, Sr. purchased the Bank of Commerce in Sheridan, Wyoming. A decade later, he acquired two more banking companies and established six new ones in Montana and Wyoming. Scott established the business as a corporation in 1971.

First Interstate Bank

In 1984, the company secured a franchise agreement with First Interstate Bancorp, a multi-state bank holding corporation based in Los Angeles, California, to utilise the First Interstate Bank name and insignia. In 1996, Wells Fargo purchased First Interstate Bancorp rather than First Interstate Bank. The Montana company was able to maintain the well-known First Interstate brand and insignia thanks to an arrangement reached. As of 2017, the First Interstate brand and insignia were still registered in all 50 states.


The First Interstate Center, a 20-story structure in Billings, Montana, is owned and occupied by First Interstate Bank, which has a 50% ownership in the facility. The tallest structure in the state, at 272 feet (83 metres), was constructed in 1985.

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The First Interstate Bank Credit Card Programs

You will receive one reward point for each purchase you make.
FirstRewards is a local loyalty programme that lets you redeem points for almost everything you can think of (tailored to reward customers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming)
You can relax knowing that your points will never expire and may be used whenever you choose.

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A collaboration deal has been established with First Interstate Bank, situated in Billings, Montana.
CEO and President Mark Borrecco sends the following message:

I’m glad to inform you of some notable advancements. First Interstate Bank of Billings, Montana, and Great Western Bank have agreed to form a joint venture. According to our agreement, Great Western Bank will become First Interstate Bank in the second calendar quarter of 2022, which is when we expect it to happen. This link will take you to a more detailed press release about the transaction.

We take great pride at GWB in improving the lives of our employees, customers, and communities. I am confident that our passion will now reach new heights as a result of our partnership with First Interstate. First Interstate (NASDAQ: FIBK) is a values-based community bank that serves clients and communities in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.

It’s Not Clear What Happened to First Interstate Bank

Our franchise arrangement with First Interstate allowed us to continue using the First Interstate brand and emblem in all 50 states for many years. First Interstate Bank became Bank of the Cascades in August.

First Interstate Bank

One of the most essential considerations in embarking on this collaboration was the alignment of our strategies and cultures. When it comes to community banking, it’s difficult to discern the difference between First Interstate and us. They have a long history of offering high-quality, competitive financial services to their clients while also making a positive contribution to the communities in which they operate. These ideals are embodied through the First Interstate BancSystem Foundation, which supports an innovative and customer-focused corporate giving culture. The merging of our two organisations is a win-win situation for everyone involved, including our clients and employees, due to our shared values and dedication to local banking.

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So, How Does This Affect You, and How Do You Feel About It?

Customers and accounts will be unaffected immediately, and no action is required on your part at this time. As we get closer to the conversion, First Interstate will provide you information about your accounts as well as new First Interstate Bank products and services. “Business as usual” is expected to continue until the transaction is finalised in the first quarter of 2022.

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For more than 80 years, Great Western Bank has been dedicated to improving the lives of our customers and communities. This dedication is based on our ability to listen, adapt, and respond to the ever-changing world of banking. By collaborating with First Interstate, we are entirely committed to this goal. Our company has entered a new era, and I’d want to thank you for your continued support and business.

Are You Aware of First Interstate Bank’s Demise?

2017. Because of a franchise agreement, we were permitted to keep using the First Interstate name and logo in all 50 states. In August, First Interstate Bank was renamed Bank of the Cascades.

First Interstate Bank purchased which bank?

The Westinghouse Bank

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Five months after announcing our plan to merge, we are thrilled to welcome Great Western Bank to the First Interstate family. The merger of First Interstate and Great Western Bank was completed today, February 1, 2022.

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Why Should You Use First Interstate Bank?

It was formed in 1916 and by December 2021, it had expanded to 2,218 personnel in 150 locations. In terms of health, First Interstate Bank is rated A+.

What is the total number of First Interstate Bank branches?



Sheridan, Wyoming, United States was founded by the general public (1968)

First Interstate Bank
Billings, Montana, USA is the headquarters of the First Interstate Center.
The number of locations is 150, and the key people are
Kevin P. Riley (Chairman) David L. Jahnke (President and CEO)


After completing an initial public offering, First Interstate Bank became a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq under the symbol FIBK in 2010. First Interstate purchased Mountain West Financial Corp. and Absarokee Bancorporation in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Our long-term business strategy is built on high-quality financial products and services, outstanding customer service, and a strong and positive corporate culture.

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