Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works

Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works
Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works

The 20th Century gave us pop music, miniskirts, and Andy Warhol; a well-loved pop art figure, filling galleries with colorful images of pop cultural icons. What do you get when you merge an appreciation for Warhol, aerospace grade aluminum, interesting New Yorkers, and a personal style dubbed as industrial pop? You get the 21st Century’s reinvention of the New York art scene through celebrity pop artist Marko Stout.

Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works

Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works
Famed Celebrities Investing In Marko Stout Art Works

Developing a cult-like following of celebrities and collectors since 2016 when Marko sold 4 vibrant female sculptures to a Berlin nightclub owner and collector, he established himself as the artist to watch. Art lovers and collectors in New York, Miami and Germany have since found their kindred spirit in Marko. Celebrity fan Madison Hildebrand from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing thanked Marko for his contribution to the art scene “Thank you for sharing your art and expression with us, the World is excited to see it.” Filling numerous galleries and spaces with his paintings and sculptures, celebrity fans of Marko Stout also includes Fashion Model Brook Nader, Lance Bass of NSYNC, Canadian singer Deborah Cox, and business icon and Shark Kevin O’Leary who declared “I’m a fan” after congratulating Marko on his 2018 New York City solo exhibit.

Stout’s solo Exhibition

Good vibes and excitement pour in when Stout is prepping for his solo exhibitions. Caitlyn Jenner of the Kardashians, pop cultures first family exclaimed, “I’m very excited for Marko Stout’s solo exhibition!” Who wouldn’t be? His art shows which have been quirkily branded as “Erotic Allure, Candyland of Colour” showcases his vibrant urban metal works calling the awesome, and artistic to bask in the presence of beauty with cutting edge artistic techniques. Complete with VIP red carpet catwalk, wine, DJ’s and celebrity appearances, “It’s a awesome show!” promises Real Housewives Of NYC Sonja Morgan. Motley Crue member Vince Neil knew exactly what he was talking about when he said about Stout “His stuff really rocks if you like art go see Marko.” Fans such as Stormy Daniels, Snooki from The Jersey Shore, and Todrick Hall of Broadway’s Kinky Boots have taken that advice to heart, with Todrick sending a heartfelt video to the artist dubbed as the next Warhol “You’re so dope, I’m really really proud of you.”

We have seen that artists have a special place in the hearts of people but Marko Stout has taken this to a whole new level! He has earned the love, attention, and appreciation of so many people within no time. Aren’t you curious to know the secret behind the fame and success of NYC pop artist Marko Stout? We made a little research and get to know some amazing facts about him that we are going to share with our audience through this article.

Work of Marko Stout:

Marko Stout has targeted New York in many of its art pieces. He has the remarkable ability to convey strong messages through his work. Moreover, he has the extraordinary ability to portray the bitter realities of a society in his master art pieces. His pop style, innovative descriptions, and contemporary work is the main reason behind his fame.

Marko Stout is stealing the spotlight since ages by portraying New York City and modern urban life in a unique way. He indulged himself in painting, sculpture art, films, videography, etc. in a very short time he has created his own unique identity. He has earned this success because of his passion and continuous struggle to achieve his goals.

If you go through the career and life history of Marko Stout you will realize that he didn’t confine himself to only one field rather he tried his luck in film, videography, and photography as well. He has been very fortunate in every field. The most amazing fact about him is that he has made a lot of celebrity fans. Let me tell you how many famous people are admiring Marko Stout.

Celebrity Fans of Marko Stout: You will be amazed to know that different celebrities who are currently in limelight are going crazy over magical art pieces created by our very own Marko Stout. They consider the artistic style of Marko Stout dope enough to be adored. Celebrities like Jersey Shore are biggest fans of Marko Stout. He said about Marko Stout ‘“Marko Stout’s art is amazing!’.

Similarly, Holly Madison is another supporter of magical art presented by Marko Stout. We are big fans of Kardashians and they are even bigger fans of Marko Stout. Every single exhibition of Marko stout is surrounded by hundreds of celebrities and their families. Kardashians expressed their excitement for Marko Stout show at many events. This is not the end, there are many more stars who have put their hands together in order to admire the pop artist Marko Stout.

We think that the love and appreciation of so many big stars is the ultimate fuel of Marko Stout that inspires him to create more captivating art pieces every time. This continuous support is the major cause behind so many big solo exhibitions that are conducted by Marko Stout one after another. No matter how much art pieces he generates, people still can’t get enough of this beautifully artistic soul.


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