Element of Sustainable Future: Vedanta Resources Aims Zero Harm, Zero Waste, Zero Discharge Culture

Vedanta Mines

Vedanta Mines

Vedanta Resources (founded over 25 years ago), a globally leading diversified natural resources company, recently released its 9th sustainable development report for the year 2016-17. The London stock exchange listed company aiming to attain to Zero Harm, Zero Waste and Zero Discharge culture across the operations.

“At Vedanta, we leverage innovation and technology to harness the elements of natural resources and transform them to fuel progress and development, with a committed goal of Zero Harm, Zero Waste, and Zero Discharge”, said Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Resources.

“We are making our work environment safer. We have in place policies, standards, and best practices to protect the safety and welfare of our people and plan to achieve our health, safety and environment goal of zero harm to become the best performer in the resource industry”, Agarwal said.

The report says that Vedanta Resources has invested almost US$18 million towards carrying forward its various initiatives. It is also making progress with its target of building 4,000 Nand Ghars, with 100 launched across India. Nand Ghars are state-of-art child care centers to ensure quality education and nutrition for the children of india.

Vedanta Childcare

The report also discussed Vedanta’s endeavor of ensuring ‘zero harm’ to the environment as a core focus area. It also mentioned Vedanta’s first-of-its-kind biodiversity offset agreement of its Black Mountain Mining operation in South Africa to ensure that the ecology around the Gamsberg project remains in safe custody for later restoration.

“Wealth from waste continues to be an initiative close to my heart. I see immense potential to use technology to extract valuable resources from the waste we currently discard. This year, we managed to recycle more than half of our non-hazardous waste”, said Agarwal.

“Water is a critical resource for Vedanta and we are committed to saving every drop we can. This year, we have achieved 173% of our total water saving target. This was supported by succesful implementation of ‘zero discharge’ at many of our plants, improvement in operational efficiency, setting up effluent and sewage treatment plants, and utilization of treated water for various applications”, said Tom Albanese, Chief Executive Officer, Vedanta Resources.

The report outlined four key elements of Vedanta Sustainable Development Model which comprise – Responsible Stewardship, Building Strong Relationship, Adding & Sharing Value and Strategic Communications. These together enable and ensure an effective business process that enhances direct and indirect positive impact on employees communities, investors, suppliers, customers, and governments.

(Based on Vedanta Sustainble Development Report, 2016-17)


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