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The Drudge Report (stylized as DRUDGE REPORT) is an American news aggregation website founded by Matt Drudge, Charles Hurt, and Daniel Halper. Before mid-to-late 2019, conservative newspapers were thought to be the site’s core audience, but questions about its ownership and political orientation began to surface. Links to other newspapers’ stories about politics, culture, and current events make up the majority of the content on this website (approximately two-thirds).

When Drudge started emailing readers a weekly summary of his findings in 1995, it all began.

Drudge Report

After Newsweek’s decision to “kill the story,” it was the first media organisation to break the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal to the wider public immediately following their decision.


As a starting point in 1995, the Drudge Report was a gossip column that focused on Hollywood and the political environment in Washington D.C.
With the help of his insider contacts, Matt Drudge launched the email-based weekly, often breaking items before the mainstream media did. The first time around,

His helpers in news selection and headline writing helped Drudge work from his home in Miami Beach, Florida. His first employee was Andrew Breitbart. “Matt Drudge’s bitch,” she calls herself. As a contributor to the Drudge Report in the afternoons, Breitbart maintained his website, Breitbart News. The Los Angeles entertainment industry received a conservative perspective thanks to Breitbart News. During the 2008 US presidential campaign, Drudge allegedly prohibited Breitbart from publishing material critical of Barack Obama, according to John Ziegler at the time.


There are many items on news websites all around the world that have been linked to by Drudge or his editors with a headline they came up with. The linked stories can be found on the external websites of major media organisations. Occasionally, Drudge-authored stories of two to three paragraphs are published. In most situations, they are connected to a high-profile article that is soon to be published. Drudge has a habit of revealing Nielsen numbers or early exit polls that the general public cannot access.

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AP content has been used without authorization by Google and Drudge Report since April 2009, when the Associated Press announced that it would be reconsidering the fair-use definition of the term.

The Drudge Report, a Trump booster in 2016, has already stopped pushing him for the 2020 election.
A rift is growing between President Obama and online news pioneer Matt Drudge as the campaign heats up, resulting in snappy headlines and scathing tweets.

Drudge Report

Muslim visa restrictions are being advanced by Donald Trump’s attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

On Monday, US President Trump slammed Pakistani-born London Mayor Sadiq Khan for being “politically correct” and for his contentious immigration ban, which Trump argued was essential in light of Monday’s London Bridge terror attacks, which left seven people dead and hundreds injured.

To ensure the safety of our citizens, we must put aside concerns about seeming politically acceptable. “If we don’t get wise, it will only become worse,” President Trump said.

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When three terrorists drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and then went on a stabbing rampage in Borough Market nearby, sparking Trump’s early morning remarks, Khan reportedly claimed there was no reason to be afraid.

A “Mute” from Drudge silences Biden.

Welcome to POLITICO’s West Wing Playbook, a comprehensive guide to Joe Biden’s inner circle administration. I went with Allie Bice. The Drudge Report made a reputation for itself by making life miserable for Democrats in the White House.

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Despite its moniker, the website, named after its controversial and mysterious inventor, MATT DRUDGE—who has maintained a very moderate editorial stance on JOE BIDEN over the past few months—followed an unanticipated trend that emerged during the 2020 presidential campaign:

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As of Dec. 10, Drudge’s homepage featured an image of Vice President Joe Biden smeared across an American flag as a patriotic welcome mat. For example, headlines on that specific day trumpeted headlines such as “lowest unemployment claims in 50 years?” and CNBC anchor JIM CRAMER stated the economy is “the greatest I’ve ever seen.” As part of the promotion of an article about the Vice President

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Biden’s new puppy and record-setting accomplishments

To keep up with the confirmation process, the site linked to an article on December 21 exposing former President Donald Trump’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender.

Positions on the Political Scale

As opposed to being a conservative, Matt Drudge characterises himself as “more of a populist.” In the media, the Drudge Report has been referred to as “a conservative news aggregator” because of its conservative bias. Richard Siklos, the editor of Fortune magazine, labelled Drudge Report as a “conservative bullhorn” in 2008. [44] [45] Peter Wallsten in the Los Angeles Times called him a “conservative warrior,”[46] Saul Hansell in the New York Times called him a “muckraker,”[47] and Glenn Greenwald in New York magazine called him “a right-wing hack.”

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Jesse Swick of The New Republic writes about the Drudge Report, “[Drudge] appreciates a press release from Senator Inhofe nearly as much as he enjoys taking potshots at Al Gore.” The interstitial images of popcorn and beverages are similar to those shown in a movie theatre, although they are far less subtle.” [48] In the words of Ben Shapiro,

Drudge Report

“The American left can’t restrict Internet usage or ban talk radio, so it delegitimizes these news resources.”. To compete with the right-wing media in the new millennium, the left has no choice but to delegitimize alternative news sources. Matt Drudge has been called a muckraker, a yellow journalist, and even a scumbag.


As recently as August 2017, Drudge experimented with a small but significant design change, which saw the site’s homepage include only black-and-white photographs and use colourful lettering instead of black for holidays.

A citation is required] For the most part, the same black-on-white monospaced typeface and plain white backdrop colour scheme are employed. According to Dan Rahmel, “despite its basic design, the Drudge Report remains successful despite being a vast chaotic mishmash of links and photographs. The Drudge Report website, according to Paul Armstrong of webwithoutwords.com, has a throwback feel to it. It was described by Jason Fried of Basecamp as “one of the best-designed websites on the Internet.”

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