Donald Trump Stops Hundreds of Million Dollar Military Aid to Pakistan

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

U.S President Donald Trump gave a statement on Sunday:

“Pakistan doesn’t do a damn thing for us”. So, he decided to stop the hundreds of million dollars military aid to Pakistan.

He also addressed that Pakistan Government also helped Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to hide in their country.

In an Interview with Fox News, Donald Trump said “we give Pakistan USD 1.3 billion a year and still Laden lived in Pakistan, we’re supporting Pakistan, and we’re giving them USD 1.3 billion a year, which we don’t give them any more, by the way, I ended it because they don’t do anything for us, they don’t do a damn thing for us,”

Here, Trump clearly said that Pakistan hasn’t done anything for them even after accepting the aid in billions of dollars from the U.S. They haven’t assisted them in “War on Terror” among other things. He also blamed Pakistan for having Osama Bin Laden Sheltered in their country.

Trump also criticized Pakistan that they have failed to stop the growth of terrorists and terrorism in their country.

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