DLF Foundation Installed Four Air Quality Monitors Under Its Project ‘Gurugram Rejuvenation’

DLF Air Quality Monitor

DLF Air Quality Monitor

DLF Foundation is making an endeavor for creating a healthy connected city by installing state-of-the-art and highly accurate Air Quality Monitors across four locations in Gurugram phase 1-5 to ensure better air quality to the city.

This endeavor is being taken under the project Gurugram Rejuvenation. The DLF foundation is making targeted effort to ensure that equitable access to amenities and economic opportunities could be given to diverse communities living in Gurugram. Due to rapid urbanisation equitable access to the amenities and economic opportunities has been a problem in the area. DLF Foundation is taking up the task to ensure close proximity to crucial services through careful planning and investment with a health connected city strategy.

As mentioned by a recent report, people in National Capital Region are losing out on almost 6 years of life because of the dangerous air pollution levels. According to numerous other research, air pollution is slowly becoming the top killer with respect to the global burden of disease.

Col. Prakash Tewari, Executive Director, DLF Foundation said, “The move is our first yet vital towards ensuring better air quality to the citizens of Gurugram. Air pollution is a major health hazard especially in Delhi-NCR and this step encourage efforts to improve the air quality in Gurugram.”

These Air Quality Monitors, equipped with highly advanced technology, can measure PM 2.5 along with temperature, humidity on 24*7 bases and transmit real time data through the cloud. These smart devices will help to get deeper insights into-

– Patterns of air pollution across different locations in Gurugram

– Identify trends that lead to higher pollution in certain areas

– Understand localized impact and cause of pollution.

DLF Foundation is planning to extend the air quality monitoring to more zones in Gurugram in next phase. DLF Air Quality Index would be released periodically and will act as an effective tool in combating pollution at a citywide and localized level.



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