Diesel and Petrol to Accompany GST: Congress to Centre

Diesel and Petrol to Accompany GST
Diesel and Petrol to Accompany GST

Selja Kumari, Senior Congress leader has demanded petrol and diesel should be brought under the liaison of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

She insisted that the prices of petrol, diesel, and LPG gas cylinder are reaching the sky due to the imposition of heavy taxes where the government should start taking immediate steps in order to provide relaxation to the people.

Selja Kumari, former union minister, claimed that in the last 52 months the NDA government led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gained more than Rs. 11 lakh crore from the imposition of tax on petrol and diesel.

The whole idea of increasing the prices of products has disturbed the budget of all household. The practice of inflation is on the rise under Modi’s rule and the people will not forgive the government for “fuel rob” and will surely give an appropriate reply in the upcoming elections, Selja told reporters at the party’s state office here.

Yesterday before the call of Bharat Bandh by the opposition parties against the price rise of fuel, Selja stated that the price of crude oil in the international market was $ 107.09 per barrel as on May 16, 2014, and today it is $ 73 per barrel. Evidently, it is around 40 percent less than what has been served under the UPA government’s rule.

She further motivated the party for “Bharat Bandh” on September 10 against the inflating prices of fuel and said the bandh would bring harmony and peace.

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As per the reports by Business Standard – In May 2014, a 14.2 kg domestic LPG gas cylinder without subsidy cost Rs 414, which on September 6, 2018, has reached Rs 754, an increase of Rs 340 per cylinder in 52 months of Modi rule. Similarly, subsidized cylinder rate was Rs 412 per unit in May 2017, which increased to Rs 496 in September 2018, she said, referring to the rates in New Delhi.

She said party president Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly demanded the government to bring prices of petrol and diesel under GST to offer much-needed relief to the common man living in India.


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