Dats Stock | What Is Causing Datchat (Dats) Stock to Surge Today?

DatChat Inc is a communication software firm. It is centred on its mobile messaging application that provides a typical messaging platform while offering users with complete privacy and control features for their sent messages. Its mobile messaging service is called DatChat Messenger which is a free messaging application.

that’s exclusive patented and patent-pending technology is used by VenV, a metaverse advertising platform, to connect landowners and brands. The platform allows metaverse landowners an easy and centralised way to monetise their properties by subscribing to paid ad campaigns that advertisers offer them. Advertisers will be able to target specific land parcels in several metaverses at the same time using the NFT advertising network.

According to DatChat CEO Darin Myman, “We believe this to be a watershed moment for the Metaverse, as it is the first straightforward solution that allows users’ metaverse parcels to be monetized while offering advertisers a broad reach in the metaverse.” “Each VenVūū Dynamic NFT is a unique NFT like owning your multi-media station that you own and control in ‘Your World’. This will not only provide unique options for DatChat supporters, but it will also help our company’s top-line develop.”

Using the VenV Dynamic Content NFT, owners of metaverse parcels can quickly and easily connect their parcels to the VenV protocol. Parcel owners opt into campaigns that are being provided by marketers, and advertisers can offer campaigns to landowners depending on targeting parameters. Initially, campaigns will consist of video or static advertising but anticipate growing the type of media formats allowed to include 3D graphics, virtual product placements and wearables later in 2022. A crypto wallet or credit card will be required to begin minting VenV tokens on April 26, 2022, at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Is It Wise to Invest in Dats Stock?

Dats Stock Risk

Stop-loss price: $1.73. (-3.70 percent ) (The daily volatility of this stock is extremely high, indicating a high level of risk.) A 7-day-old pivot bottom provides a buy indication.)

What Is Causing Datchat (Dats) Stock to Surge Today?

The messaging service was already employing blockchain technology to give additional privacy to users. Now, DATS stock is soaring on word that the company is gearing up to launch a new platform named VenVūū. The platform will allow users to advertise in the metaverse and monetise non-fungible token (NFT) creations

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Dats Stock
that has joined the list of corporations making forays into the metaverse (NASDAQ: DATS). The messaging service was already employing blockchain technology to give additional privacy to users. Currently, the stock of DATS is soaring on reports that the company is preparing to introduce a new platform known as VenV. The platform will allow users to advertise in the metaverse and monetise non-fungible token (NFT) innovations. Today also marks the pre-sale registration launch of the new VenVūū Dynamic Content NFT.

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Since word of the platform broke this morning, DATS stock has been surging. It hasn’t stopped since the stock soared by 25% in pre-market trading. As of this writing, DATS is up more than 84 per cent. Trading for around $3 today, this news could be what takes it above penny stock status.

Investors Should Be Aware of the Following

What’s Happening With Dats Stock?

Both the stock market and the cryptocurrency market are likely to be significantly impacted by this development. Since its inception, that has built a solid reputation as a social media platform for those who value their online privacy. Now, the company is helping take advertising to the metaverse at a time when virtual real estate sales are booming. Through the use of DatChat’s technology, metaverse landowners will be able to virtually connect with brands via VenV.

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Landowners will be able to choose to participate in paid advertising campaigns given by businesses and advertisers thanks to the platform. Brands will be able to use the NFT network to expand their targeted marketing. Initially, these adverts will be presented in static or video format, according to a statement made by DatChat. However, before the end of the year, 3D photos and other features are very certainly going to be added. As CEO Darin Myman explains, this represents “the first straightforward solution allowing consumers to monetize their metaverse packages while offering brands a broad reach in the metaverse.”

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For a firm that was previously solely recognised as a fringe social media app, this is a huge development. That DatChat is making an effort to keep up with the times and take advantage of an expanding market is evidence of this. Some pieces of Metaverse real estate fetch millions of dollars. While its future remains uncertain, it’s tough to ignore the current surge. Giving firms the capacity to advertise in the metaverse marks the next step forward for both advertising and metaverse tech. DatChat is helping bring in the metaverse advertising revolution AdAge anticipated.

It’s Implications

It’s not hard to see why DATS stock instantly began soaring on VenVūū’s debut announcement. Investors see a company that’s about to become an influential name in the metaverse tech area.

Looking forward, April 26 marks the first-day users will be able to begin minting NFTs on the site, using either a credit card or crypto wallet. That is a day that investors should put on their calendars.

Dats Stock

As the platform takes shape and momentum increases, DATS stock will be in the spotlight for the next month. DATS stock has already been praised as a promising Web 3.0 play due to its blockchain capabilities. Now, it’s about to boast the type of benefit that comes with direct metaverse and NFT market exposure.

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Datchat Sent a Letter of Intent to Purchase Avila Security; Should Investors Buy the Stock Now?

New Brunswick, N.J., raised almost 11.04 million on its stock market launch on Aug. 13, 2021. This month, the business announced the construction of a Web 3.0 platform. According to an official announcement, the platform would “use DatChat technology as the cornerstone for a decentralised advertising network for Web 3.0 and Metaverse applications.”

Dats Stock

However, the stock has dropped 70.7 per cent in price over the past three months and 21.8 per cent over the past month. Closing yesterday’s trading session at $2.65, the stock is currently trading 85.7 per cent below its $18.50 all-time high, which it achieved on Sept. 29, 2021.

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Though the company’s recent announcement related to its Letter of Intent to acquire Avila Security Corporation to expand its intellectual property assets to include blockchain-based digital rights management and object sharing technology could bode well for the stock in the long term, the company’s lack of a consumer base and absence of revenue pose major risks to its current price performance.


Yet, the company has not generated any significant revenue, despite its long-term plans to obtain a competitive edge and strengthen its position as an important participant in the Metaverse e-commerce, advertising, and messaging area and Web 3.0. Furthermore, its long-term prospects are jeopardised by its reliance on the smartphone business, which is prone to rapid technological advancements. As a result, we believe it is advisable to steer clear of this stock at this time.

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