Cyclone Gaja is Expected to hit Tamil Nadu on November 14

Cyclone Gaja - Tamil Nadu
Cyclone Gaja - Tamil Nadu

Alarming Warning has been given to fishermen, they have been asked not to hunt into certain areas between November 10 and November 13.

The northern parts of Tamil Nadu may experience a haunting cyclone on the evening of November 14, the Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai has stated.

About: Cyclone Gaja

In a press conference on Saturday, N Puviarasan, director of the Agromet Advisory Service Unit at the RMS said that the low-pressure area over the Andamans is likely to intensify into a cyclone with wind speeds up to 85 kilometers per hour.

Cyclone Gaja - Tamil Nadu
Cyclone Gaja – Tamil Nadu

“The low-pressure area over the Andaman Sea has intensified into a depression. It has formed over southeast Andamans and northern part of the Andaman Sea. It is likely to intensify as a cyclone, move west-northwest towards northern Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh on the night of the November 14,” he said.

He further added that northern coastal Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and southern coastal Andhra Pradesh will experience moderate rains; some areas are expected to experience heavy rainfall from the evening of November 14.

For such an unwanted experience, fishermen have been given special warning by the Indian Meteorological Department not to venture into the sea in specific areas between November 10 and 13.

Restricted Areas:

The areas which have been asked to avoid include: over and around Andaman and Nicobar Islands, over the Andaman Sea and southeast, and adjoining east central Bay of Bengal, over south Tamil Nadu, south Kerala Coasts, Comorin Maldives area and adjoining the equatorial Indian Ocean on November 10. Over the north Andaman Sea, the Andaman Islands and southeast and adjoining east central Bay of Bengal on November 11. Over east central Bay of Bengal and adjoining south and west the central Bay of Bengal on November 12. Over central and adjoining south Bay of Bengal on November 13. Fishermen in deep sea have been asked to come back to land by November 14.

Cyclone Gaja - Tamil Nadu
Cyclone Gaja – Tamil Nadu

Additionally, there are few areas in southern Tamil Nadu which are set to experience low to moderate rainfall on account of the cyclonic circulation over the Comorin area, Sri Lanka and the equatorial Indian Ocean has lost its intensity and transforming into a low-pressure area.

It has also been said that the cyclonic storm Gaja is currently about 750 km east-northeast of Chennai and is expected to make landfall on Thursday, i.e. November 15.


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