What Is the Importance of Crypto.com Visa Card and How to Get and Create Account ?

To further serve users who are always on the go, the Crypto.com Visa Card has introduced new perks. Select cards will have: Free and unlimited use of the LoungeKeyTM Airport Lounge Access programme, interbank exchange rates, and no foreign transaction fees, all of which are already included in the Crypto.com Visa Card’s existing travel rewards programme. Crypto.com accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and the chosen crypto coin is translated to USD based on the current market value and then loaded onto the Crypto.com Rewards Visa. It can then be used in the same way as a credit or debit card..

Card tier-specific perks like greater cashback and reimbursements can be enjoyed whenever the required CRO is pledged for that particular card level. This is dependent on the card level that you have staked for.


Cardholders who keep their existing CRO Card Stake will keep their perks, but if the stake is unlocked, they will lose them. To take advantage of the new Card Staking Rates, a cardholder must either upgrade their card tier or remove and re-establish their CRO Card Stake. A user’s accumulated CRO will be returned to them in full if they unstake a card with new fiat-based rates.

When it comes to examples:

CRO = $0.08 USD ($400/$0.08), therefore a user bets 5,000 of them on a Ruby Card.

Crypto.com Visa Card

It doesn’t matter if the CRO price is greater or lower when that person unstakes; they will still receive 5,000 CRO.

Detailed information about rebates –

Your Wallet App will be credited with CRO Tokens when you receive a CRO Reward. The CRO Rewards programme excludes transactions made through these merchant categories or channels: digital wallets, digital banking services, crypto exchanges, stored value products, money remittance services, security brokers/dealers, insurance sales, underwriting and premiums, tax payments, government services, financial institutions, POI funding transactions, quasi cash, money orders – wire transfers.

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In order to get the corresponding CRO value of the transaction amount, a CRO Wallet deposit will be made to the cardholder’s CRO Wallet.

In what ways may I get a Visa from Crypto.com?

In addition to being metal and elegantly built, Crypto.com Visa cards (unique to CRO token holders) offer CRO rewards and much more to save Crypto.com App customers a lot of money! More information on the rewards available to Crypto.com Visa cardholders can be found at Crypto.com Visa Card – Rewards. For the most valuable consumers, banks typically charge hundreds of dollars a year for metal credit cards. Holders of CRO tokens can get them for nothing from Crypto.com

Non-recurring fees

Non-recurring fees

ZERO delivery costs

There is no charge for the first setup.

To apply for a Crypto.com Visa Card, please follow the steps outlined below.

The first step is to create an account.

Fill out our KYC form on the Crypto.com App to get your Visa Card.



Please note that the Crypto.com App is only compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Navigate to the “Card” page in the lower right corner of the app after you’ve downloaded the app and completed our KYC. Once you’ve done that, you can stake the CRO equivalent for the card tier you’ve chosen. CRO staking rates are available here.

In order to complete the process, there are three steps:

a. Agree to the Conditions of Use The lock-up period lasts 180 days, so you’ll need enough CRO in your App wallet to cover that whole period. B. Staking instructions can be found on this page.

Next step

The next step is to enter and confirm your shipping address. You can learn more about the proof of address by visiting this page.

Note: Once the review of the address documents is complete, users will obtain a virtual card in the App. There is an option to request a physical card (optional). If you’re in the EU/UK or the US, you can learn more about virtual and physical cards here.

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The third step in the process is delivery.
All users will be prompted to stake CRO as soon as the Crypto.com VISA cards are available for shipment.

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Once all of the above procedures are done and the card is being dispatched, the status of the card will be updated in the App.


Please see this page for additional details on the Crypto.com Visa Card programme and application.

The Visa Card Issuing Status of Crypto.com
Keep an eye on the Card Issue Status on the card reservation page once you’ve provided your proof of address; once it changes to Shipped, your card will be on its way!

Crypto.com Visa Card

Estimated Delivery Time – Shipped
You should expect your card to arrive within the following 3-7 business days for Singaporean cards.

Incentives Obtaining Incentives
Cardholders of the Crypto.com Rewards Visa card can earn CRO Rewards, which can then be redeemed for cash. It is possible to exchange Crypto.com’s CRO tokens for other digital coins or even for fiat currency on crypto.com’s platform.

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The Rewards Visa debit card issued by Crypto.com is actually a collection of cards. The more you wager, the more bonuses and perks you’ll be able to access at each level of the card. Most purchases are eligible for up to 8% CRO back, according to the Obsidian card. Unfortunately,

Crypto.com Visa Card

The amount of money you need to put up makes the highest card meaningless to all except the most ardent of cryptocurrency aficionados. Obsidian and Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White, the two highest tiers, are out of most people’s reach, therefore the touted “up to 8%” rate is false.

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The Crypto.com Visa rewards card requires you to “stake” funds, unlike other regular credit and debit cards. “Staking” is essentially locking your money onto a single platform for a predetermined period of time.

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That would be Crypto.com and their CRO token in the instance of the Crypto.com Rewards Visa. As of February 2021, CRO token values range from $0.09 to $0.12, depending on the cryptocurrency market. In essence, customers are making a loan to the card issuer in return for a variety of advantages offered by crypto.com.

The purpose of the Crypto com Visa card is unclear; what does it do?

Users can load their Visa cards on Crypto.com using their bank accounts or crypto wallets. Cryptocurrencies can be converted and stored in the user’s balance quickly.


Digital currency ownership is at all-time highs, thanks to the global emergence of the cryptocurrency movement. Crypto cards are appearing on the market to help cryptocurrency owners instantly access their money for real-world spending and go beyond only speculative trading or banking their funds.

The Crypto.com Rewards Visa, which bills itself as the most generally accepted card of its kind, provides its customers with a straightforward means to make purchases while also providing bonuses and other advantages.

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