Crowned with the Presidency, Rahul’s Eyes on Gujarat Crown Now

Rahul Gandhi Gujarat election

Rahul Gandhi Gujarat election

Rahul Gandhi has been elected as the President-elect of the Congress party and he will replace his mother Sonia Gandhi as the new party president. Rahul will be formally crowned on December 16 but he is trying every nook and corner to win the heart of Gujrat.

He is certainly winning the hearts of common masses with his pointed speeches on local issues and governance in Gujarat without using clumsy language and countering the opposition with strong arguments.

While addressing a public gathering at Kaalol in Gujarat, Rahul said, “Modi ji, in Gujarat, we are going to defeat you with love without any anger (Gujarat mein hum aapko pyaar se, bina gusse ke haraane jaa rahe hain).”

“Modi ji keeps using bad words against me in his speeches, even today he did so. Rahul Gandhi respects the post of Prime Minister. No matter what the Prime Minister says about me, but I won’t utter even a single bad word about the Prime Minister,” he further added in his speech.

The 47-year-old politician also said, “Till I am alive, I am not going to forget the love that you have shown me in the last three months. Whenever you need me, just call me, give me order, and I will do it. You have built a relationship with me, this is a relationship for life, which will never break.”

Rahul also took a swipe on PM Modi at a rally in Tharad of Banaskantha district. Targeting his Pakistan comment, he said, “Modi ji speaks about Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, and Japan. Modi ji, this is the election about the future of Gujarat. Please say something about Gujarat also.”

Trying to woo the voters by highlighting the Congress’ strength and strategy, he attacked the BJP government and PM Modi for their false promises and causing distress among the youths and poor in Gujrat over their 22 years of rule.

He said, “Modiji has waived off Rs. 1.30 lakh crore of top 10 industrialists in the country. But when a small farmer pleads for farm loan waiver of Rs. 15,000 or Rs. 10,000, Jaitleyji says that is not the policy of the BJP. But I tell, you Congress has a policy to waive off farmers’ loans. And you make a count of 1–10 and after 10 days of forming a government in Gujarat, we will prepare a policy to waive off the farm loans.”

Taking a jibe on PM Modi speeches Rahul said, “The past 2-3 days, PM Modi has stopped everything. His speeches are only focused on two subjects, on hand he is claiming that he has wiped out congress party from India, on the other hand, he devotes half of his time to Congress through his speeches. The other half of speeches is devoted to Narendra Modiji himself.”

Voting for the second phase will be held on December 14 and the results will be out on December 18.


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