CounterPoint Research – Features Phones Outsell Smartphones in Indian Market

feature phone
feature phone

CounterPoint Research came up with the latest report which showed some data points on mobile phone shipments of India.  Maybe the greatest point of OEMs which it focuses on the constant growth pace of Indian Market amid the world largest economies such as USA and China are plunging.

Over the 2017, Indian market is rising constantly by 10.4%.  In 2018, it stands on 330 million units.

On 33o million, Smart Phones are responsible for 44% of whole units, and throughout the year, these are shipping over 145 million units.

From the previous year, there has been recorded 10 % growth in shipment this year.

Here more focus is made on features of the phone so it is recorded a good number of shipments rather than smartphones.

So, it has been dominated on the headline that over the years featured phones shipments grew faster rather than smartphones shipments.

At present featured phones are accounted for 56 of the mobile market in India. The market has grown at 11 % which is recorded in 2017 over 132 million.

Xiaomi Qin Ai Phone

Xiaomi led 28 % of the entire Indian market. And it is followed by Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, and Micromax.

Reliance Jio is contributing to feature mobile phone shipments rather than just sending telecom operator in the country.

reliance feature phone

These phones consist the feature of data enabling. Now with that Reliance is dominating the shipment with 38 % feature phone. Reliance is followed by Samsung, Lava, Itel, and Nokia.

This has opened the door of smartphone growth in India. but the rise of smartphones median price among the customers and the increase on smartphone shipment revenue are more heartening.

In 2018, net revenue of mobile phone is increased in the market by 19%. The growth is anchored by Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Apple.

Moreover, while the Rs 10,000-15,000 value section became the quickest in 2017, the earlier year saw the Rs 20,000-30,000 market becoming the quickest, floated by convincing contributions from Vivo, OPPO and Samsung.

OnePlus likewise profited by this, and in spite of its gadgets currently moving at the excellent Rs 40,000-check, the organization purportedly observed a 58 percent development in income from India in 2018.

one plus
one plus

With Amazon, Flipkart, and e-commerce market growth, smartphone shipments have grown for 36% in the year 2018.

With bigger markets consistently stagnating and the cell phone advertise not expected to recoup until something like 2020, this leaves India as a hugely encouraging industry for cell phone makers to concentrate on.


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