Congress’ Pile of Lies on Rafale Shreds – ‘Defense Officer Punished by Modi Government’

Liar Rahul
Liar Rahul

It is one more Congress lie alert on Rafale!

Utilizing a paper report Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his gathering’s eco-framework has been guaranteeing that a senior officer at the Ministry of Defense was rebuffed by the Modi government for presenting a different note on the Rafale bargain.

Congress guaranteed that the officer was compelled to withdraw. These cases were broken when the officer being referred to addressed a news channel and prevented any sort of “punishment”. He has clarified that he had gone for a pre-arranged educational trip abroad.

Liar Rahul
Liar Rahul

On September 27, the Indian Express conveyed a news report titled Defense Ministry official put on record complaints to 36-Rafale deal. The report, more or less, said that an officer in the Ministry of Defense had his reservation about the benchmark cost and later his protests were ‘overruled‘ by another senior officer.

Nearly a month before the deal for 36 Rafale aircraft was signed between the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and his French counterpart in New Delhi in September 2016, a senior officer of the Ministry of Defence, who had been part of the Contract Negotiations Committee (CNC), raised questions about the deal’s benchmark price and put his objections on record, The Indian Express has learned

It further announced,

The JS & AM (Air) then proceeded on a month’s leave and the 36-Rafale deal was approved by the DAC in the first week of September 2016. Finally, the Cabinet note was initiated by another official holding charge of JS & AM (Air) and was approved by the Cabinet in the third week of September 2016.

Apparently, a dispute note of an officer over the cost doesn’t imply that the deal was shocking. However, for the Congress eco-system, which has been steadily turning lies on Rafale, the Indian Express report gave a chance to spread another round of fiction layered with the allegation and verbally abusing against the Modi government.

It immediately weaved a bogus account that MoD’s senior officer who brought up an issue over Rafale cost was constrained by the legislature to go on leave.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted, in a roundabout way alluding to PM Modi as a ‘hooligan‘ who rebuffed the officer for scrutinizing the robbery.

Lie on Rafale
Lie on Rafale

Congress hawked this ‘officer compelled to go on leave/shunted out‘ hypothesis on the social media and abused PM Modi in the most disagreeable language one can envision.

Surjewala on Rafale
Surjewala on Rafale

Be that as it may, when the Times Now news channel reached the officer, Rajeev Verma, the then Joint Secretary and Acquisition Manager (Air), MoD, he denied being rebuffed by the legislature for his protests. Busting the ‘forced leave’ account he said that his instructive excursion was planned much previously. The Times Now likewise noted in its report that,

Interestingly, the said officer, who reportedly raised an objection, signed the cabinet note clearing the acquisition of the Rafale aircraft.”

How about we see the important piece of the officer’s reaction where Rahul Gandhi’s untruth gets uncovered.

Rafale Officer
Rafale Officer

On September 28, the Indian Express reports the elucidation given by MoD in their report. MoD answer basically said that the account of difference was a piece of the straightforward procedure in the Rafale dialog before the authorities could take an aggregate choice.

All the more essentially, the media conceded that before it had wrongly referenced the time of officer’s nonappearance on study leave to be one month though it was just for seven days.

While we may hang tight for another Rafale lie of the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, it is worth to remember their past lies on the Rafale deal which was all reality checked and exposed by us.

Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” Do you think this Dorothy Allison‘s quote suits best with Rahul Gandhi’s lie on Rafale? Mention your thoughts in the comments section below.


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