CDP’s Environmental A-List: Uniliver Tops the Food Industry

uniliver CDP A-List

uniliver CDP A-List

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has released its 2017 A-List of corporations, ranking 160 companies with climate goals that are driving action on climate change, water and deforestation. CDP has selected Unilever as the global leader in corporate sustainability among a dozen of other food and drink companies such as Nestlé, Danone, Kellogg, and others. This non-profit organization works to disclose carbon emission from major corporations.

Unilever is the only company among thousands analyzed to earn an ‘A’ score on every factor measured across all industries. Unilever has launched a ‘Sustainable Living Plan’ in which it focuses on developing new business practices to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Unilever achieved its goal four years earlier (2016) than the set target (2022) to reduce emission from energy by 40% per metric ton of production by 2020 compared with 2008.

“Reaching our original target four years early gave us the confidence to commit to an even more ambitious Carbon Positive program,” says Jeff Seabright, chief sustainability officer of Unilever.

The CDP report States, “This year’s A-List is the proof that the decision to disclose takes companies on a path towards action. An increasing number of companies are using the insights they collect from the disclosure process as the first step to improving their operations on the ground”.

It further says that disclosure has increased by 33% since 2013. The water program has seen a significant increase in disclosure since its inception in 2010; as this year 2025 companies that represent $30 trillion market capitalization disclosed their water management performance.

“A new businesses and technologies emerge and scale up, billions of dollars of value are waiting to be unblocked, even as many more are at risk,” says Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP.

CDP’s Executive Chair Paul Dickinson congratulated all the companies that made it into the A List this year. “It’s inspiring to see so many taking bold action to mitigate environmental risk and grasp the opportunities that come with the transition to a sustainable economy. These companies are driving the transition as we approach a tipping point on environmental action,” he added.


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