French Government Rejects Ordering Rafale at 50% of India’s Rate

French Government Rejects Ordering Rafale at 50% of India’s Rate

One more discussion over the 7.8 billion euro (Rs 59,000 crore) bargain for 36 Rafale warriors emitted on Tuesday, with a few reports asserting...
Gita Gopinath

Indian-American Gita Gopinath Becomes The First Female Chief Economist At IMF

Prestigious Indian-American economist Gita Gopinath has joined as the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, becoming the first woman to occupy the top...
uniliver CDP A-List

CDP’s Environmental A-List: Uniliver Tops the Food Industry

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has released its 2017 A-List of corporations, ranking 160 companies with climate goals that are driving action on climate change,...
World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day: Top Signs Regarding Kidney That You Must Never Ignore

People who suffer from kidney problems do not get to know until it reaches a very late stage. Hence, March 14 is celebrated as...
US-India Military hi-tech Venture to Stop Extortion of Terrorism

US-India Military hi-tech Venture to Stop Extortion of Terrorism

An intense "2 plus 2" dialogue embarked the inking of “COMCASA” strategy between India and US. Comcasa is a defence pact that breaks the...
US Government Shutdown

Partial Shutdown Of US Government Is Longest In History

The partial shutdown of the US government became the longest on record at midnight Friday (0500 GMT Saturday). US Democrats' refusal to approve $5.7 billion...
PP chaudhary

160 Companies Failed to Comply with CSR Norms, Will Face Penal Action

Minister of State for Corporate Affairs P P Chaudhary said that a penal action will be initiated against 160 firms for failing to comply...
Indra Nooyi Considered To Lead World Bank

White House Considering Indra Nooyi To Lead World Bank

India-conceived Indra Nooyi, the previous CEO of worldwide drink mammoth PepsiCo, is being considered by the White House for the new World Bank president,...
World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2019: With “I am and I will”

February 4 is celebrated as World Cancer Day, on this day people spread awareness of deadly cancer, causes, symptoms, Cure and prevention. Almost 50% of...
Donald Trump and Kim Jong un

Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-un in Hanoi To Eliminate Potential Nuclear Threat

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27 and 28, for...

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